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Morbid Addiction
31st January 2007, 06:44
Hey, me and some friends were thinking about this Idea to use the thing as a mod for source.

If anyone has seen the movie, they'd know at the end the thing gets away (as the head with the fingers or whatever as legs). Well We were thinking you could start the game from there.

One player is the thing, like the hidden, execpt the IRIS must take out the thing to win (opposed to the hidden having to take out the all the IRIS to win in the time limit). The Thing starts as the head, and you start at a random start location on the map. In every level there would be places the thing can access that other players can't directly such as vent holes, sewer etc. but the team players could acsses it another way somewhere. The thing is able to crawl on walls and the roof for as long as it wants, it can jump just high enough to go over a players head and is able to sprint for short amount of time, The team players are able to sprint as well but both the thing and players will be slowed after a sprint to get their breath back.

There are set objectives over the level you can choose to complete aswell as prime objective. For Instance, some levels require power to be turned on for doors and lights to work. (the thing always has ways of getting around blocked paths by other roots so there are always more than one way out for the thing). So you wouldn't have to turn on the power, but would proberbly be for your advantage to do so. And if your the thing you can destroy the power (only after its been turned on once) meaning a second objective for a the IRIS is to gard the power.

Things such as movement sensored doors in certain places will be able to be locked from one side (the button locks it, pushed again unlocks meaning the door is free to open and close as a player aporaches). Both the thing and the team can use this to an advantage; the team can lock doors limiting the path of the thing, or use them to slow the thing down, such running from the thing, locking the door as you pass. The thing could use it to lock player(s) in a room (to get out the player can ask other players to let him out (voice cmd like need backup) and either leave them, or enter from another way having them traped inside. Which brings even more stagdey into the game.

Both the IRIS and The Thing have their player locator in the corner.

The level timer is about as long as it would take for the thing to be strong enough to take out the whole team easyly enough.

You could have the orignal setting like in the research center in antartica, or say, maybe a street thats been evacuated (radioactive leak scared cover up thing ;) )


The thing has two main attacks when in head form, which are two differn't types of infection. For instance...

A. The thing could sneak up behind a player (or infront/above/to the side or whatever) and latch on, biting the player and passing the infection, that player dies after a couple of seconds (not really being able to do much but shoot at nothing, run for other players or tell other players hes been infected. The head would fall off and die but the thing player is now the player he latched onto and within no time is mutated.

[Which means, a player could be walking along and find the dead head on the ground. Maybe freaking some players out? ;) ]

B. The second attack while in head form is a light infection, shooting a barb or somthing into the player, the player will then know hes been lightly infected and has 1-2 mins before he transforms (this person is not dead, its like the thing gaining an allie) and since most players would want to get there kills up this would allow them to do so, or they could just say they've been infected and be shot, or just play and kill the thing anyway (resulting in a loss of 2 kills but admiration from other players? :D ). This secondary attack can only be done once and only in the head form. it can be dogded if person is quick enough as well. When a player is infected he is able to see where the thing is on the minimap (once mutated) and the thing can see the infected the whole time.

[This brings alot of paranoia between players. There are two ways of telling if a player is infected like this, but most of that will be talked about further down. But the player will appear normal for a short period of time long enough to gain someones trust ;) and when transformed drops the gun and all items (not able to be picked up) and has claws or whatever.]

Once the thing is in its second form the longer you wait the more health it gains (slowly) so the idea is to take it out before its strong enough to withstand everyone at once. So the team must hunt it but at the same time whatch out for it to kill them. (both the thing and its infected player are able to feed off of corpses same as the hidden but both only to 100 health (so no point for the thing if its 130 or somthing).


Same set up as IRIS from hidden for weapon selection and equipment. But there could be an added item that allows to test someone for the infection but can only be used once.

Everything else about them is basicly the same. Except that if the timer runs out then they loose, not the thing. and They we also have a few extra voice cmds, like 'the doors locked! let me outta here!' etc etc etc...

================================================== ========
I just figured I'd see if anyone was interested in making this mod, posted it here becuase the hidden is an exellent mod and this could be another part for the IRIS instead of just having one thing to check out. But no one has to make it or anything (I would if I knew anything about modding :P)

And You guys made such a perfect game. and the game would have alot of stuff already complete (for the IRIS).

But I'm just bored and thought I'd post it anyway, anyone else got some more ideas? Tell me what you think of this idea for a mod?

31st January 2007, 09:16
Or instead you could just play the game that was released a few years ago. It wasn't that bad actually.

Funny enough one of the first few level ideas for the hidden revolved around a "Thing" themed map. Hidden Fact 37

31st January 2007, 09:36
"...you've GOT to be fucking kidding!"

31st January 2007, 10:06
I don't really know the best way to respond to this.

Don't look at us is probably a start.

As the good man said. The Thing game was pretty neat.


ORIGINAL MOD CONCEPTS PLEASE. How many times do I have to repeat myself....

31st January 2007, 12:57
ORIGINAL MOD CONCEPTS PLEASE. How many times do I have to repeat myself....

A fair few times before it starts to sink in. Or... You could use a big hammer to bash your point in, although this method tends to leave a mess!

Morbid Addiction
31st January 2007, 14:11
This is general convo section isn't it :S? haha.

I'm trying to make convosation.

And I haven't played the orignal game, didn't even know there was one. Did it come out on PC? all I can find is xbox.

And if you want an orignal Idea I've got a few :D

31st January 2007, 14:56
It did indeed come out on PC.

31st January 2007, 15:27
You know, I've never seen The Thing in movie form. To youtube!

31st January 2007, 16:17
Its based on an old sci fi called Thing From Another World - also worth watching.

31st January 2007, 17:00
Worth seeing just to remind you that John Carpenter CAN make a really fantastic movie when he puts his mind to it.

I never got to play the game a whole lot, unfortunately. It's possibly my favorite sci-fi/horror movie. Looked pretty fun, though.

Morbid Addiction
31st January 2007, 21:08
It was pritty good. and any movie with Kurt Russel is awsome :D :cool:

But Best sci-fi would have to be Solaris (either orignal or remade).

31st January 2007, 23:04
I've seen and loved the Thing movie, and have played through the game, released in 2002 I think, on the ps2. It was pretty good, as most have said. On your post, Morbid, 1st of all, I think that your mod idea kind of misses the point of the movie. In the movie, after a person was infected, their head wouldn't detatch or anything that overt. They would just continue to walk around as normal, and try to isolate and infect other humans, which is why the humans start use the blood test on each other. If discovered, THEN they would mutate into a monster and go onto a rampage. There really was nothing fast paced about it. Also, the IRIS should be equipped with flamethrowers or other fire based weapons.

Secondly, the idea of a single monster stalking and killing members of a military team has been done numerous times with games like The Hidden (duh) and Zombie Panic.
I'm not dissing your post, don't get me wrong, you've got some good ideas in there, you just need to change the formula of it a bit.
Good luck if you actually intend to work on this.:)

1st February 2007, 00:53
If the H:S forum archives were not so... unwieldy to navigate, I'd post a link to my old "The Thing" game mode, in which IRIS spawned in, but no 617. It was not until a few seconds into the game that one of the players randomly became 617, even if in the midst of a group of them.

As for The Thing game, it was on PC, Xbox and PS2. It was quite a good game, albeit with some problems (such as normal people Thing-ing out, even after being tested and found to be infection free).

Morbid Addiction
1st February 2007, 07:26
Yeah I did kind of miss the point.

I downloaded the game on PC and played it abit. And its all pre-scripted stuff so its kinda of boring. Its missing the Idea of paranoia behind it which after all was part of the suspence and the main focus on the movie. Since You know that no one will turn on you until a point in the game. And the blood tests are practicly usless.

I dunno, I just want an idea of gameplay between people that involves alot more stragedy to it. And with every player ending up whatching each other very closely.

The hidden is great, but I just thought to have it around the other way, hunter being hunted (and being able to defend itself).

But maybe a concept related to the thing, with alot more deversaty to it could be thought up? Somthing to talk about :P?

I like the idea of mindgames behind FPS :P

1st February 2007, 17:59
If I could choose how I looked it would be like kurt russel in thing.