View Full Version : The best way to improve the game scaryness.

Lestat De Lioncourt
23rd January 2007, 10:56
Its very simple,
Make the hidden move faster, 50% faster maybe.
Make him visible on the radar, by ticks of 2 secs.
Now you got smthing as much scary as alien vs predator.

Feel free to try this...

23rd January 2007, 11:37
Erm - I don't think we'll give it a go...

23rd January 2007, 13:01
Well that was painless, though people need to remember that hidden is not predator.

Lestat De Lioncourt
23rd January 2007, 16:22
Well so this game will stay, hello im hidden and ill camp the wholes 15 mins and kill everyone thats come close (aka 90% of the boring games where the hidden plays hit and camp). Ticking the hidden on radar when hes moving at a refresh speed of 2 sec will even more scare players and disorient them, and btw the radar seems to be a sound/movement radar, so wtf the hidden is not displayed ? He doesnt have any footsteep ? Strange for a living thing nope ?
2 sec refresh on a 180° radar with a slithly reducted radius (if you says the hidden walks more silently than humans) when the hidden is moving is really not a big deal if you speed up the hidden a bit or make the dash thing go farther...
But btw atm, the hidden is so much invisible, thats it doesnt scare a shit at all (well maybe the two first games, untill you understand thats more about camping than a squad trying to survive an horrible invisible monster moving so fast thats you cant even lock him on radar, but you see it on radar, you know hes somewhere, but you don't know where...)
Seeing red enemy dots poping on radar wiouth seeing anything is certainly the most scary thing that radar would bring.

My two cents.

23rd January 2007, 16:25
How have you decided that the radar is based on sound or movement?

It only tracks other IRIS members - which implies something sending signals out...

Lestat De Lioncourt
23rd January 2007, 16:34
What about the laser thing emmiting sound ? if thats not sound based your in crap... Cuz on the radar the laser module makes bip bip, and so its the laser base that is displayed, the sound source is displayed, if this was a signal the laser would at least display the place where the hidden did cross the laser... (and this little thing makes the laser kinda useless btw).

Im just purposing a way to give the radar an immersive part (thinking that sbdy looking his radar won't look his aim btw, self balanced thing woot.) , but if you just wanted a countersrike 1.5 like radar... thats a bit a waste for a such paranoia mod.

23rd January 2007, 16:43
what's this about 90% of hidden's camping and then killing anyone who comes near? Stay still for long as hidden, and you'll get raped by an even half-decent team of IRIS (maybe people who /work together/ like you're meant to?)

Also, I don't think the hidden appearing on radar would be in any way a good thing; even if he moved faster. Often you rely on people not being able to work out where you are; if you're on a platform above someone and they see a blip on their radar it's not gonna take long for them to work out where you are (unless they're pretty stupid). If hidden's want to scare the IRIS by partially revealing their location, there's always the radio taunts :/

Speaking of which, are there any new ones in the next release? (devs)

23rd January 2007, 16:44
well if it's got the electronic capability to emit a laser, detect disruptions of it and then make a noise, it's not a stretch stick a wee transmitter in it with a heartbeat to say "i'm here" and a ping to say "something's in my laser!"

as for this camping hidden... find a better server man. only really shite hiddens camp since camping is lossing. camping iris is another issue and pipebombs are the solution.

Lestat De Lioncourt
23rd January 2007, 16:45
I said not visible when standing still, visible when moving with a slow slow refresh rate on radar, maybe smthing like 3-4 maybe 5 secs...

23rd January 2007, 16:53
Well so this game will stay, hello im hidden and ill camp the wholes 15 mins and kill everyone thats come close (aka 90% of the boring games where the hidden plays hit and camp). ... My two cents.

My two cents: Hiddens who hold still in one spot when there's an IRIS with an average amount of skill around tend to die pretty quickly.

'camp and kill everyone that comes close' is one of the worst strategies as hidden.

Also, pick a different server. Fifteen minutes is way too long of a round time. I think four or five minutes is about perfect, six is probably the upper limit.