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21st January 2007, 22:43
I'm hoping you guys all trust me cause if not this message is really going to sound pathetic. :)

I'd like to add any settings that could be considered hacks to my swear filter, so I can take a look at the log file and see if whoever says them is passing out cheat codes... however I don't know any of them. :) If anyone could be so kind as to send which ones are bad: scuzzy[a-t}oldtimersclan.com I'd appreciate it. Please do NOT post them here.


21st January 2007, 23:10
lies... you just want to get your hands on the built in hidden detection hacks!

/PMs the ones i know of.

21st January 2007, 23:28
Aren't all the known ones borked in B5 anyway? You might as well save yourself the work until after its release.

21st January 2007, 23:35
The reason I wanted this was because someone was talking about a known hack in my server through type today and I just happened to be looking at the console at the time. I figure if I put it in the language filter they'll show up in the log pretty quick.

when is B5 scheduled to come out? and how does it fix the DX issue?


21st January 2007, 23:37
the main ones i know of are blocked by using the Source SDK base instead of HL2. but i have yet to look seriously into bypassing them.

if players can still use HL2 (-applaunch 220) as a base to play from then those cheats will remain as that particular hl2.exe hasn't been updated in yonks. it might be a good idea to break HL2 compatibility just to make sure... since owning any source game should give you the Source SDK base as far as i'm aware so you shouldn't need Half-Life 2's senile old hl2.exe to play.

presumably the black hidden syndrome gets canned with the DX7 support. though i haven't checked b5 in DX7 yet either.

dunno about the bathroom related one but just setting it as a cheat shouldn't be too hard assuming it can't just be unmarked at the client's leisure.

28th January 2007, 04:05
having to use sdk base may not only remove the exploits, but mabie also the noobs!

28th January 2007, 11:33
why would that reduce the number of 'noobs'? it's automatically used in b5.