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17th January 2007, 09:46
I don't know if the developers have already thought about this, but on HEX maps there could be a Mission objectives menu that pops up as players join the server. Its purposes would be to show background information about the map (where it is, what it is), what the HEX objectives are and why there is a time limit (Eg: 5 minutes until the police and press arrive). It would look the same as the Character selection menu and Weapon selection menu (document-like) and would be mainly text apart from a small picture of the map and a button at the bottom which takes the player to the Character selection menu.

This could also be used for normal hdn_ maps, exactly the same except that instead of objectives it will just say Eliminate 617 (or something like that :p) and perhaps a reason why the hidden has to kill the IRIS within the time limit (Eg: Backup will arrive in 5 minutes)

And so I don't make another thread, I think on the score sheet (accessible by TAB) it should say the name of the model that the player is currently using next to the players name. I have idea to make this realistic: above where all the players names are i would say "Operative Codename" and above the model name it would say "Operative Name". Its as if the random names people think up for themselves would make sense as a random codename like "lolcopter" would be hard to figure out :rolleyes:

17th January 2007, 15:41
Damn these sane, logical and all round good ideas...

17th January 2007, 19:41
Have the button to go to character selection be in the same place as the ok button for the Motd, so if you want to click through quickly you can :)

17th January 2007, 23:39
I could have sworn I mentioned similar... basically, something akin to CS's objective screen just before team selection that a mapper can type up in Hammer to list his/her objectives. I can't see why the devs would not do something like this.

I still think a in-game objective HUD is still more important though... transparent text that fades out when objective accomplished, HUD based objective icons, etc...

17th January 2007, 23:47
sounds awesome to me :)

18th January 2007, 05:43
in the interest of saving keys they could tack it on the bottom of the scoreb... eer situation report.

though come to think of it if the marine HUD gets that aura overlay thing going then all that stuff could be offloaded to sprites on the overlay. could do away with those strange glowing 'idiot-guides' that currently populate the ground in hex and just have dots to track the location which light up with details when you look at them for more than a second or so...

18th January 2007, 13:16
Excellent idea.