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14th January 2007, 06:14
Im 18 years old today :)

Definately the most worthwhile birthday sofar, im getting my drivers liscence, and I can vote!

oh... and porn and cigarettes, cant forget those, woo!

I know all you europeans will say "ahhh but you cant drink!". I know, whatever, its not like that'll stop me! :D

Everyone have a good night! Cheers :D (4 pints of guinness in ;) )

14th January 2007, 06:37
Grats man, now get drinkin' n dont stop till you cant remember when you started drinkin' :D

14th January 2007, 06:41
Congrats, you're legal now!
And all those girls that used to be legal for you? They're not. =P
(Though, maybe your state has it at 16 or somethin', I can never keep track.)

Regardless, happy birthday.

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14th January 2007, 06:42
Well done mate, why don't you come down to Aus and let me shout ya a schooner of VB!

14th January 2007, 06:44
let me shout ya a schooner of VB!

QUE?! :p lol

14th January 2007, 06:45
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Happy Bday mate!

14th January 2007, 06:49
QUE?! :p lol

So I see 'schooner' means something else in Yankville?

14th January 2007, 07:02
Happy 18th, Zab. :p

Mine's coming in about 3 months and I've got no ideas how to make it awesome...

14th January 2007, 07:21
I had no part in making mine awesome, my friends planned a suprise party. One friend told me he was gonna buy me pot for my b-day, so we went out to get it. We met the dealer at a jack in the box, normally we would pull next to his car, and one of us would get in the dealers car and make the exchange, but my friend tells me "He's in the restaurant", and so he ran inside, and came back with the bag.
We went home, I open the door to my room, all my close friends jump out, surprise! Turns out they all pitched in on the bag of pot, and the whole trip was fake, just to get me out of the house. :D
I realise I have some great friends. :)

14th January 2007, 07:28
You don't use home grown?

14th January 2007, 07:31
You don't use home grown?

I wish I could, but I share a house with another family, and it would be disrespectful.

14th January 2007, 07:44
Heheh, reminds me of a story about my brother... He was probably about my age, and I would've been like 8 making him 16/17 and he tried to grow numerous pot plants without Mum knowing, and I accidentally knocked it down off the roof one day... Heheh, did I send him through some fun...

14th January 2007, 08:24
Well, happy birthday to you man, sounds like you had some fun. I have to appologize though, I'm a little late (an hour and twenty two minutes and counting to be exact), but oh well. It's now your time to do something important... or stupid, whichever comes first.

14th January 2007, 13:41
Happy bday!

Remember to use condoms. Only good rule to remember. :)

14th January 2007, 13:55
I've still got 3 years til my 18th, but I can wait til then:) . Happy birthday!

14th January 2007, 16:02
Happy Birthday, may another year of miser...err, I mean life be good to you.:o

14th January 2007, 16:34
I wish I could, but I share a house with another family, and it would be disrespectful.

Oh ok that makes sense.

Kira Yamato
15th January 2007, 00:07
Belated happy birthday Zabiela.