View Full Version : Votekicking/Player Evidence

7th January 2007, 11:26
I recently added the tracking of votekicks to our administrative tracking tools. I didn't think this was being used all that much, good lord was I wrong. I have found it a very useful tool in weeding out those people who the players take care of that are being problems.

That being said, it can make for a lower amount of team kills before a player is banned. This past evening a guy came on and was TKing, Team wounding, but being careful to try and keep within the bounds of the scuzTools system. The players didn't care for that and votekicked him twice. Because of that I saw it in the admin tracking, investigated, and banned him perm. Votekicks do not guarentee that I'll ban someone perm, but it brings the situation to my attention. I will ban players for abusing the votekick system (have had to do that 3 times already)

So, to make sure everything is fair, I added "votekicks" to the list of evidence against players on the hidden tk ban list.


7th January 2007, 21:57
Votekick logs are like the jury decision :P

I still think you should make votekick give the kickee a 1 minute ban. At least I know now that youll be checking those logs, so if the greifer isnt taken care of immediately he will be, but for the players votekicking usually doesnt solve a greifer as theyll rejoin pronto, what does solve it right away is scuztools.

7th January 2007, 22:21
well the benefit of multiple kicks is that the evidence can pile up faster for someone to see and act. if you just kick the guy and he can't come back right away and moves on then he wont be banned and can come back and cause more trouble later. if every votekick includes a chunk of logs pertaining to the votekickee then the admins can see what what being done or said.