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7th January 2007, 00:28
I think after playing for quite awhile now I've noticed some things that could add some flare to the game. The following idea will make the game more in-depth.

Now let's think about this, what is the difference between a Support and Assualt class? Only one thing, that is that the Support can give ammo. What's the point in that? Not being rude but that way every would spam the Support class just for this advantage.

I think we should simply cut of Assualt based weapons from the Support Class and in that case we need more Support weapons, since the 'Less then Lethal' isn't going to be a big help even in support puporses. I personally think the 'Less then lethal' should be replaced as a stun-gun (pistol.)

The common history of a Support class is that he is able to run down a full flare of fire (Machine Guns) upon an enemy. The Support class is rendered completely useless because in the cases of reloading it would give the enemy that easy advantage plus the fact the person in question has to prone to get anything out of his weapon.

I'm a modeler,texturer and mapper I'll be glad to work on any weapons for the fun of it.

Now Hidden have a massive advantage for breaking up squads using pb's, how about something along the lines of a Aura View disable grenade as a misc weapon. It's not much but it could give the quick runner a good, swift last moment defence upon the enemy. The disable grenade will only cause the Hidden's Aura to disappear for roughly 10-15 seconds.

A great misc weapons would be a death trigger. We've seen things like self-destruct on death in the past but in this game it would be to overpowered. So how about a death alarm. That wouldn't only just send of a alarm but would beam the Hidden red for about 3 seconds.

Talking about Support advantages we should have some sort of Assualt advantage. I was simply thinking along the lines of a andrenaline boost. I know of the thing in misc but it's a bit to low advantage in my oponion to be a misc weapon since whats a quick speed boost compared to the hidden, no the andrenaline boost I have in mind is one that raises your weapons attack for about 10 or so seconds when your health reaches low. Assualt does have it's history for being the ones who rush out there and go for a full-on-attack but what's that to a hidden. Giving them a slight weapon advantage would add to a happy Assualt class.

Talking about all these classes gives me the feel we need some more


A sniper can only acess his own weapons, like i've suggested for Assualt and Support. Therefore he can chose from a range of scoped weapons. The sniper is always renound for there speed so therefore I believe a complete speed advantage is needed for them. As before it needn't be something major or huge it's just enough to get Sniper's out of those tight spots after they get striked while camping they should also have the advantage of selecting silienced weapons. It could be a quick trick against a Hidden not using his Aura View.


I know a medic is in some cases severly over the top but I think in now-a-day games it's role is stupidly presented as a Necromancer instead of a medic. I believe the Medic should have simply heal at a very slow pace, he cannot heal himeself at all otherwise we would have everyone being medics and brandishing kits everywhere.... No instead I believe the medic should be given a big disadvantage in where weapons are concered. I believe this because medics would have a huge advantage in such a game so I believe a good idea is for them to stick with a large group to heal and a group that can protect them. In this case they'll still be very easy bait for a hidden who knows what a pipebomb is...

And just so that might all go straight down the dustbin here is one more class that I didn't like to edit in because I think it's to much of a advantage and resembles 'The Hidden' in a few to many ways:

-Agent: The class should be limited to one person only on the team, as is Support and Sniper. The Agent has the lowest health of all but he cannot be seen on Aura View. The Agent is also limited to weak silienced weapons. The main and big advantage of the Agent is that he can hold up to four misc items which would enable him to renown a massive level of defence. Even then with the ability to weild two misc items, what's two misc items to a Hidden. So basically the Agent should be able to grapple hook to area in which only the hidden can. Like I said the agent is the weakest of all classes and if he's spotted it'll take one good swipe to ahnilate him but in that case think about it. If the hidden doesn't spot him (remember he cannot be sighted by Aura View) he can hide an rain down weak attacks but in the long run it could make all that difference for the IRIS team. Due to the fact the Agent has low health is because he has no armour. So his speed would be quicker aswell, wouldn't it?

-A hidden advantage: I think with all these new class suggestions that it's going to be a pain for a hidden to take out a medic but like I said they should have bad weaponry power in which they need to stick with a group. A pipebomb is a simple solution but running out would be a tragic, so how about giving the hidden the advantage in this following case to use Aura view to see classes aswell. This way he can ps that medic and leave the group scared to death.

Like I said I basically think each class should be seperate to the weapon selections.

I would be happy to model, uv and do all the stuff to get new items in-game except animating which I can't do. I would like to add that you should limit the amount of people to a certain class selection. Assualt should have no limit and medics should have none aswell but thinking about Snipers and Support spray weapons I think we should limit them to like 1 each otherwise you would get the biggest camp house of snipers or the biggest spray arena.

Night Raider
7th January 2007, 00:54
This just isn't happening. Snipers are useless against fast moving and invisible enemies. Medics? It has been no'ed before. No agents, it doesn't make any sense, only the Hidden should have to be stealthy, and more gadgets would mean more buttons, something the team doesn't want.

Oh, and the F303 isn't useless. In fact, it's getting even stronger in the next release.

7th January 2007, 00:58
We are not Team Fortress, we do not need more weapons or more classes (as it stands, please read the stickies at the top of the suggestions forum).

7th January 2007, 01:32
i'd be quite happy with just
-assault gets f2k & shotty, support get p90/fn303
-the sonic alarm is added to the inventory before the other weapons are so people can stfu about last-weaponing into it while in a firefight because they don't seem to know how to press 2, then 1 to set lastinv to what they want.

7th January 2007, 03:09
Why even keep the classes, or the weapon restrictions? Remove both, and just stick the support class functionality into the module set (instead of the useless sonic alarm module). It's about as useful as any other module in most cases, and there's really no reason to restrict weaponry just because somebody can give people ammo and put noisemakers on the wall.

I'm aware that HEX will see the support class getting some extra abilities as far as completing objectives quickly, but since it's simply a matter of a couple seconds hacking or whatever, is even that more of an advantage than, say the flashlight?

7th January 2007, 17:55
Oh, and the F303 isn't useless. In fact, it's getting even stronger in the next release.

Now you've brought it up, will it be as powerful as the other weapons, and easy enough to get a kill with as the other weapons?

As for the classes, I don't notice the classes at all as the only thing that bothers or affects me about them is the annoying existence of the useless, camp-encouraging sonic alarm, which I do not use. And I'm not going to be support for the sake of restocking someone whos sprayed all their ammo away, because I've found you rarely need to be restocked unless you spray stupidly.

7th January 2007, 18:02
And I'm not going to be support for the sake of restocking someone

You get weighing for resupplying other players.

7th January 2007, 18:15
Now you've brought it up, will it be as powerful as the other weapons, and easy enough to get a kill with as the other weapons?

We'll probably see how it works in testing, but from the current build, it's just a matter of the fire rate getting a huge increase. This does make it much easier to hit, and it could really screw a hidden who gets caught napping, but the magazine runs out faster.

It's not as powerful in terms of brute force or combat effectiveness, but in terms of additional weighting and disorientation of the target, it's decent enough.

7th January 2007, 18:34
You get weighing for resupplying other players.

But not enough for me personally to go out of my way to do.

EDIT: thanks for the reply Dr. Shark and StarStriker anyway. Didn't want to appear to come across as abrupt and rude.

8th January 2007, 16:34
My advice is "get your 303 practise in now" :)