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4th January 2007, 07:43
Alright, so I had a gf about a week ago. She said I was the best BF ever, was extremely loyal, and was a pretty great gf. Problem is, I was getting bored of the relationship (i'm 18, not ready for a serious relationship, gots lots of living ahead of me).

Anyways, the odd part is that she cheated on me a week ago (hence the "had a gf"). I wasn't really mad at all, even though it was somewhat her fault for getting into the situation
- She got drunk with a freind she KNOWS has interest in her
- my girlfriend gets super SUPER horny when drunk (one time I almost yelled at her for being like that when the sex was getting boring)
- The guy gets all touchy feely when he's drunk
- My GF likes booze, but dosn't use it to drown her depression.

So, she gets drunk with a guy, at his house, with one of her other freinds that's a girl. They get all hot and bothered, the guy keeps hitting on her, asking to have sex, she gives in because she's super horny and probably really drunk, and cheats on me.

She calls me the next day, telling me about her, and I explain that i'm not mad at her, but rather give her the idea that maybe we should go on break for a bit and try other people. She didn't want that though and wanted to stay with me. THAT'S the bad part and the part that made me angry. She felt like shit already, and me not wanting to be with her anymore would make her even more sad.

We had a fight, didn't talk to her awhile, then today told her that i'm not mad and offered to get her some chinese and take her to the club we always go to every wensday and have her spend the night. We didn't though due to her having strep throat (from the stupid fucker she slept with), but I got her a getwell card and some nice chinese food.

All in all, we're still great freinds, i'm single and happy, she's moderately happy but pissed at doing what she did, we still have the ability to go back out later due to ending the relationship on decent terms, and i'm throughly pissed off at the guy because HE'S the damn reason all of this happend and made my ex feel like shit (she's a freind first and a lover second, and if anyone hurts the freinds i care about I get pissed).

Why the hell am i writing such long threads >_O

4th January 2007, 08:00
I get the feeling this was more of a catharsis post anyhow, so post length is quite irrelevant.

Sounds like you understand your own situation well enough.

4th January 2007, 08:18
Alright, so I had a gf about a week ago. She said I was the best BF ever,


Found your problem. Women never say what they actually mean. She could tell you that she hates you but in her mind she can't get enough of you... ;)

4th January 2007, 08:22

Found your problem. Women never say what they actually mean. She could tell you that she hates you but in her mind she can't get enough of you... ;)

Actually, I really was, she hates relationships, yet we went out for 4 months and she STILL wanted to go back out after that. Her previous boyfreinds always got too jealous and were restrictive. I was the only boyfriend that trusted her, never really yelled at her, nor found her annoying. I constantly commented her and told her not to talk bad about herself. I even helped her get her new job by driving her around to get applications. She would offer me gas money but I didn't take it. I even bought her a nintendo DS lite and a couple of games for her birthday since she dosn't have cable, or a computer, or any other kinds of games. I was also her first in bed, and was the one she trusted the most.

She could be talking out of her ass saying that, but i'm not sure, her last boyfreind lied all the time, and was kind of fat.

Either way, just thought I'd tell you wierd ass events in my life and see if you guys have had anything like this, not trying to argue that i'm a good boyfreind (i really could care less. Although apparently one of my ex's got everyone to beleived that I used her, after thretening to burn my supernintendo and all the games I let her borrow... she was a crazy bitch o-o )

4th January 2007, 10:20
She could be talking out of her ass saying that, but i'm not sure, her last boyfreind lied all the time, and was kind of fat.

Define fat, please. Haha.

Well anyway. You sure got fked. Get a few bottles of booze. Get really wasted, go swim, get back home. Wake up with a major hangover and a dozen new numbers from foxy ladies :p

Makes you always feel better.

Just good that you didn't continue the relationship and stayed as friends. Would've gone much worse in the end. Trust me.

4th January 2007, 10:21
Its good that you can share things like this with the community. I'm counting on you feeling a hell of a lot better having posted this thread. Well done Kitty :)

4th January 2007, 10:59
so what's odd? your gf acting the way she does or you writing long threads?

off hand i'd say she's got pretty low self-esteem. if you're bored with the relationship then don't consider forcing yourself to restore it especially after she gave you an out, whether she meant to or not. if she's not using the booze to drown her sorrows then she should have known better than to get drunk around someone who is really interested in her. and for that mistake it's really no longer up to her to decide if you two get to stay together.

you're basically just feeling guilty because you think you're making her feel bad by not being able to make her overtly aware that you've forgiven her.

4th January 2007, 11:52
The odd part was that she cheated but wanted to stay with me. When i cheat (which i did once back in freshman year, and it was just a kiss) there's a reason, i don't want to go out with the person anymore.

And i did get myself some booze, and had a rocking new years eve party XD

4th January 2007, 11:55
... I was getting bored of the relationship...

Usually if one partner feels bored by the relationship this feeling is mutual. As far a I know a pertnership needs work, hard work for it to work. Work at yourself and at the other one. Telling each other nice things (if you mean them) helps. Watching a movie the other one likes or meeting her friends... depends on her interests. I think you did well in leaving her and keeping her as a friend, I guess I couldn't do that with my girl.

4th January 2007, 12:30
Where did you read that a bunch of strangers on an amateur game forum give class A relationship advice.

Rhohypnol - solves all problems

4th January 2007, 13:17

4th January 2007, 14:36
Rofl, Gus.

Hah. I dunno why you'd make a forum post about it -- I normally just log onto MSN and pester someone with it, and they'll pretend to read it and just smile at the right places. Everyone's better off, and nobody stops me doing what I subjectively feel is right.

4th January 2007, 16:14
Hey now, I've been gone playing WoW. I had to make a post that would get your attention. ^_~

But yeah, it's stupid that i put this on here, but hell, not many people know about me so why not tell random crap XD

4th January 2007, 16:22
The desire for attention? :p Hope you sort everything out matey.

4th January 2007, 16:24
If i wanted attention i'd get back on Hidden and try to get good again XD