View Full Version : OVR idea, tons of fun!

3rd January 2007, 01:59
I'm thinking of a map called ovr_bucket.
Basically, the hidden has no fall damage right?
All of the iris start at the bottom of somesort of area.
There isnt much space, and it's basically a box of somesort.
the hidden will start high above everyone, and will jump down to wreak his havoc.
I think this would be fun, because you'd be pretty packed down there, and would have to watch your friendlyfire quite a bit.

With a map this small,
I'm sure I could eye candy it up also

3rd January 2007, 02:12
I vote for a UFC fight cage... IRIS spawns inside of the cage and the hiddens spawn outside of it... they can all be seen because of the chain link fence... the trick is getting IRIS to get in a UFC fight for the championship belt!!!

3rd January 2007, 05:08
haha nice,
I'm going to whip this one up for b5.

hoping they don't trash ovr mode :(

It would be fast paced, and enjoyable imo

5th January 2007, 16:17
If you include objects like barrels and those cash registers from executive at the hidden spawn as well, a hidden could probably get a few instant kills in from just jumping down and flicking the object onto the iris. It'd work best if the iris were all clumped together:) .

One problem I can see with this though is that the as soon as a few Iris die, the remaining Iris would haven't a chance of the 15 second survival time, being stuck in a cramped space with even three crouch slashing hiddens. Once even two Iris die, they rest would follow very quickly. But maybe that would just add to the tension and creat some great short but adrenaline filled rounds.

Heck, I might even produce one of these very quickly, like the hidden starts on a diving board and the iris start in a dry swimming pool with no way of getting out, and would look a bit like the custom map cs_swimmingpool. Of course, if there was ankle deep water everywhere on the floor, and when a hidden lands everyone wll start spraying in that direction....

5th January 2007, 16:46
There was a big discussion about this ages ago but nothing really came of it. I made some drawings for chas0r to map for possible ovr modes. Of course, upping the player count to 20 for OVR if we had some decent maps would REALLY make it viable :)

5th January 2007, 20:52
I can see ovr working with fast paced maps in the fy style.

6th January 2007, 05:48
But then, heaven forbid, Overrun would probably become more popular than normal Hidden! Then again, it would serve as a good distraction for the less intelligent portions of the playerbase, while everyone else plays good ol' HDN.


6th January 2007, 19:36
This brings up a question- how do you make an ovr map? I don't think its covered in any of the stickies...

6th January 2007, 19:57
You call it ovr_isapileofshite (well, you could skip the bit after the underscore)

6th January 2007, 20:44
And stick in an ammobox.

6th January 2007, 22:54
you can't just 'up the player count' for ovr maps unless your server is going to run ONLY ovr maps.

you need to restart the server (or just its network stuff) to change maxplayers. and while sv_visiblemaxplayers could be used in non ovr maps, you'll end up kicking everyone when it switches back to a hdn_ map.

6th January 2007, 23:49
You don't need the ammobox, usually.
The IRIS are all going to die before they run out of ammo anyways. =P

7th January 2007, 20:40
Well, it's only an idea
It could be fun, if you could fit a possible theme
I was going for the whole, super fast rounds with this.

A break from, serious play.

8th January 2007, 17:29
^ Aye. I think thats the only realm OVR has any chance of survival in and the extra mode would be a nice little draw in for more casual players. Theres not going to be any DEV help though so its all down to mappers. You could say that OVR is untouched and all its waiting for are a few good mappers to invent it for us ;)


8th January 2007, 18:56
Phys traps at the top of the bucket to keep iris looking up! :D

9th January 2007, 04:49
well, I'll definatly do it then.
Under progress!

Dark Soul
9th January 2007, 20:16
Same here.But my map will be the opposite of this idea.Basiclly the IRIS will be in a bunker trying to fight of the hiddens that are trying to bash the doors(physics) down and get in.There will also be lights and vents that the hiddens can brake to make it easier for them.

9th January 2007, 21:33
Wire mesh square that the IRIS spawn in, not very big and doesn't have a roof.

20-30 feet of open ground

Hidden spawns surrounding it.

No ammo box, enjoy :P

10th January 2007, 21:41
Wire mesh square that the IRIS spawn in, not very big and doesn't have a roof.

20-30 feet of open ground

Hidden spawns surrounding it.

No ammo box, enjoy :P

not quite,
It will hopefully be a little more elaborate

12th January 2007, 05:45
Alright heres the deal, im taking my two ideas I've had recently and putting them together.

It's going to be a clocktower!
There going to be tons of wooden beams, moving gears etc.

I'm goign to add ALOT of traps, making this more fun then anything.

Such as:
Beams that can fall, onto Iris. (or a unlucky hidden)
Gears, that can crush whoever decides to jump into them.
Cracks/Holes into the ground. Where certain death awaits.

plus whatever else I can come up with.

Basically, the hidden can jump straight down, and start attacking the Iris like I planned.
Although, I'm going to add stairs, so the iris have a little less of the "fish in a bucket feel" and can walk to higher areas. (but not too high, because the stairs are broken)

Seems, alright to me.