View Full Version : Tk'er in playZen.net server

2nd January 2007, 22:12
I was playing a good friendly game in map playZen.net, first it was map Discovery, and my score ended up as 12 - 2 (best score out of the rest of people) then we went to Executive, and thats where he started Tk'ing me (I assume its because i kept killing him last map and he had a tempertantrum) named:

"Arnold" STEAM_0:1:284816

started to TK me and say stupid things like "you suck ass" "Omg you got pwnt" after tk'ing me, he tk'd me around 3-4 times EVERY round start, and would do so, even if i didn't do anything to him and so 2-3 times i had to kill him before he killed me in order to try to play Hidden, but I gave up and just said to myslf "Well, i'll do the smart thing and report him" and smacked my head, he was quite an annoying little douche bag, here is a screenshot of him tk'ing for the last time before he ran away. sadly i didn't get another screenshot of him and his childing insults, but i'm sure thats what Logs are for and etc

http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/1915/arnoldnv3.th.jpg (http://img126.imageshack.us/my.php?image=arnoldnv3.jpg)