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29th December 2006, 03:49
I encountered a small problem that I'm sure could be fixed:


The torn body doesn't appear to be reacting to gravity in the right way it should.

This is just a minor detail that I wanted to let you developers know about; sorry if this has been posted already.

Just want to make this mod as perfect as it can be for release!

29th December 2006, 07:03
That usually happens because the corpse isn't moving fast enough for a few seconds, and it enters sleep mode so the server won't have to simulate the ragdolls every frame.

That, or some other bug. :p

29th December 2006, 18:31

I thought b5 was out, and I was looking at that pic and saying, the new skybox on discovery is nice... wait thats the same one...

And just now i realised I dreamt b5 came out last night. poop

As for the ragdolls, they freeze (stop moving) sometimes, just slash it and it will fall.

29th December 2006, 19:13
Trust me, the new discovery looks much, MUCH different. ;)

29th December 2006, 19:20
Trust me, the new discovery looks much, MUCH different. ;)

Shut up you!!!

Yeah im jealous :o

29th December 2006, 20:15
Trust me, the new discovery looks much, MUCH different. ;)

I'm a fan of the new sewers. Seems more "sewery".

29th December 2006, 20:50
I'm a fan of the new sewers. Seems more "sewery".

Could you guys just please not act like hiddenites for a day! :p

31st December 2006, 06:27
I'm a fan of the new sewers. Seems more "sewery".

OMG it better not have changed too much, or I might go die in a hole. Do you thing the changes are positive?

31st December 2006, 11:51
The thread phails without pic's of b5

31st December 2006, 13:21
NO LEAKAGE! :p The only new maps I'm not instantly slain by are sewers and the stalkyard remake. With stalkyard its because I love and know the old version so much and any change for now at least will seem like a close second. With sewers I can't quite put my finger on it yet. All will be revealed though when B5 multiplayer testing REALLY kicks off.

My doubts are nothing to do with aesthetics. Aesthetically, the game has never looked more professional. You could drop some of the maps into any dark retail game and you really wouldn't even blink. To be honest, I haven't blinked whilst testing them because I don't want to miss a second :D

Hats off to the team.

31st December 2006, 13:58
How many and which of the maps are now in HDR?

31st December 2006, 14:58
All of them. All have been re-lit and HDR-ed, some have had 'other additions' for fun. Testing will decide whether they stay or not. I'll bang revised pictures of them all up on Media in due time...

31st December 2006, 17:27
Sewers is going to play differently, I think... given the look of things as they are, the marines are going to have to work a little harder. More perches, more darkness, less water.

Are we allowed to post screenshots?

31st December 2006, 17:38
Damn it- its starting to sound like the Christmas present I always wanted but never got, especially about the new sewers. will it still keep the same name?

31st December 2006, 18:15
Stalkyard vents out?

31st December 2006, 18:30
yes stalkyard has no vents.

31st December 2006, 20:26
We'll have to go through playtesting to see if stalkyard plays the same or better, but damn, it IS pretty.

..hell, you've seen the screenshots on the front page (with Ging's ridiculous levels of bloom) ;)

1st January 2007, 10:55
Are there any other changes to stalkyard, bar its ventlessness?

1st January 2007, 11:25
are the hidden-only vents near the IRIS spawn still there? I liked them, and not too many people knew about them - there was never any campage in them *felford cries for the thought that they're gone*

Also, I can't remember if i've asked this before, but what does colour correction do?

1st January 2007, 17:02
Nothing, yet. While apparently the team has the files ready to go, the Source SDK doesn't give modders access.

What it does do when it works is gives modders the ability to change how colours are put into the game on a global basis. For instance, if so desired you could create a greyscale (or maybe just desaturated) world where red is the only saturated colour.

It's primarily a way for modders to control atmosphere.