View Full Version : Oddness on FNFC 2

21st December 2006, 21:44
I was just on FNFC 2, and things started getting weird. First, I had 4 pipebombs. Turns out a headless IRIS was in-game, except there were only 7 IRIS plus me.

I'll be posting this in their forum also to ensure ThunderDan sees it.

21st December 2006, 22:33
The servers have been so odd lately.
Yesterday, upon joining the reserved 10th slot, it didnt remove a player, so i joined a team of 8 iris, and when the round started I didnt spawn. It looked like anyone could take the 10th spot too as it was occupied for a long time before i could join.

22nd December 2006, 04:05
It's been weird for sure. I've seen the headless iris as well and the other day it was having random lag spikes.

22nd December 2006, 22:19
I'm currently reapplying the 4a patch, just in case. I'm dropping the maxplayers to 9 now that mani will properly allow it to fill. And that's all I got for you folks.

It's running the latest srcds, but so is #3 - which may or may not be causing issues.