View Full Version : Non-Transparent Glass?

16th December 2006, 21:07

Is there any non-transparent glass in HL2, or perhaps a way to at least get the look of smoked/privacy glass?

16th December 2006, 21:12
Tried, couldnt find any. Just uncheck transluscent and search glass.
I could only find glass with frames in it, maybe youll have better luck.

Or, make a series of test brushes, and texture them each a different glass, complile, n choose.

16th December 2006, 21:15
If I could access Hammer, I'd look.

As it is, easy enough to do with any texture: Copy the .vmt and nix the transparency.
(Delete the "translucent" "1" line.)

Otherwise, all the glass textures are in "glass", building windows in "template".

16th December 2006, 21:18
Remember the opaque and transluscent checkboxes, they help.