View Full Version : Program flash when minimized

12th December 2006, 19:43
Just a quick thought. Maybe a flash (like on MSN) or some form of notification that the round has restarted when you minimize the game. This would really, really help for those with just one PC/monitor, thanks.

12th December 2006, 19:57
I dont think its possiable :/

12th December 2006, 19:59
If its not a hassle to do it, it should be done.

Secretary looks funny.

12th December 2006, 20:47
if you're that fond of multi-tasking play it in a window...

getting back ingame takes far less and if you're in helmet-cam mode you can see when the rounds over ahead of time because the screen stops moving.

12th December 2006, 21:11
I believe it would still be better if the program flashed. When I 'window' the game so to speak, it gets darker ...a hell of a lot darker.

12th December 2006, 21:45
In windowed mode, it takes on your desktop brightness level - you flat out can't alter the gamma in game.

12th December 2006, 21:48
Change your desktop brightness!

Admittedly, it'll make other windows look odd, but...

12th December 2006, 21:59
Reckon it can (and will?) be done Ging? :D It could be our Christmas present from you... Pleeease *puppy eyes*

12th December 2006, 22:29
Not really, no - we don't have access to the windows handle, which is what you'd need to flash the taskbar entry.

At the same time, it's a subtle hint that you should just not minimize :p

13th December 2006, 05:34
Doh! K.