View Full Version : Footstep's

28th November 2006, 19:52
Well, since the hidden has super ablites maybe sound is more how you "see" him in a way like if he drops from a height and lands; a dust of smoke goes around him only a little bit since the dust makes him easier to see.Again when he pounces and jumps off walls; smoke comes off but only a little bit like i said it makes him easier to see so only make it so it can only be see by a trained eye plus when he hangs on walls (i saw this on another topic) it leaves a hole like a gunshot but fingers on the wall .Aswell when he taunts breath comes out his mouth like when its really cold and you can see your breath aswell as we need some blood effects please when the hidden gets shot blood sqwerts out like in s-mod but make it more hidden-sourceish.

28th November 2006, 20:37
Until everyone is better at being the hidden, this would MESS UP the balance.