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21st November 2006, 13:12
The intention of this post is for server operators to post the website, email, or any other contact information they wish the community to have.

Please include at least the server name, and one contact method.

21st November 2006, 13:14
FNFC servers are east coast US servers.

Down until further notice. :(

21st November 2006, 13:37
Smokey's Veteran Server
Smokey's PS OFF/Classic
Smokey's Newbies Server
Smokey's Map Test Server
Contact: Smokey's Forum (http://www.smokeytarget.co.uk/modules.php?name=Forums)
PM me (http://forum.hidden-source.com/member.php?u=1793) or DeadInside (http://forum.hidden-source.com/member.php?u=1852)

Dead Inside
21st November 2006, 18:08
In addition to the above info for contacting me regarding Smokey's servers you can also pm regarding

playZen.net : Hidden B4 |PS OFF|Weighted|Ranked| -

pm me here, on the smokeytarget website or at www.playzen.net (http://www.playzen.net)

You can post on the playzen forum as well or try pm'ing Shockwave on there, it will probably be faster to pm me though!

21st November 2006, 18:16
Hidden: Source. Hosted by Troy-Designs!
Hosted in Denmark
http://troy-designs.co.nr/phpBB2/index.php Our Forums up :)
http://troy-designs.co.nr/troy-designs/ our website( still under development appart)
Server have standard settings atm but That will be Changed!!

Xfire: rene1989
msn: Rene_roenne1989@hotmail.com
mail me: Rejor2@cphwest.dk

21st November 2006, 19:32
I don't run any public servers any more but get in contact if you want to rent one.



26th November 2006, 23:06
I just put my server up today and wanted to introduce myself to the community!

BIGJohnMP's Hidden Source!
Current IP is
It is a dynamic IP, but it doesn't change very often. I will post updates if/when it changes.

Running on a dual Pentium III 800 Mghz box with 512MB PC133 SDRAM and 10,000 RPM SCSI hard drives.
Running on Ubuntu Linux version 6.06.1 The Dapper Drake.

Random is ON
Pigstick is ON

Contact me over Xfire: bigjohnmp
Or PM me here!

6th December 2006, 16:46
We would like to welcome you to the Official PC Gamer UK server in association with Jolt servers.

PS is ON
Random hidden is ON

Please note this server is for all abilities and is such not designated for newbies or veterans. Any insulting of another player will probably get you kicked.

Bodgemonkey on xfire, or more reliably
http://forum.pcgamer.co.uk ---> Post in the servers section.

EDIT: Or PM me on here.

9th December 2006, 22:35
Ok. Due to the massive demand for our Random 617 server, I've added one for the Pro's where The Hidden is selected on merit. We now have 2 in other words, and you can find them here. PCGAMER UK/Jolt: Hidden (Random 617) PCGAMER UK/Jolt: Hidden (Pro)

24th December 2006, 17:58
You can visit us as http://www.coldmetalwarriors.co.uk

Our server is located at

We are a clan playing Swat 4 TSS
Counter-Strike Source
Red Orchestra ostFront 41-44

27th December 2006, 01:38
GamerLobby.net Servers:

Server 1 - IP = OFFLINE
Server 2 - IP = (http://www.game-monitor.com/GameServer/ tml)



Gamerlobby.net (gamerlobby.net)
Server Rules (http://gamer.lobbynetworks.net/viewtopic.php?t=7)

2nd April 2007, 19:56, {WAG} offical server,

16th September 2007, 23:07
Courtesy of chilly's primefarm to quench the lack of smokey/prime servers: Clandestine Cake (b4b) :

http://module.game-monitor.com/ (http://www.game-monitor.com/hidden2_GameServer/

It's a 9 slot server with 1 extra for reservations.

Runs in Weighted mode with the Carry-The-1 script that preserves weight points across rounds so any contribution does not go unrewarded.

make people need to change their undies
taunt the living. Especially as hidden. Sounds optional
waste ammo on air, I mean they're only bullets right?
forgive team kills when the hidden was knifing you

cheat or exploit map and engine defects
intentionally team kill or wound
use racial slurs or insults
be a prat/rank whore/llama
ignore your admins

Perseus (Me)
The Dark Prince (-SM-Sucker)
Master of Puppets
Invader Zim

Private Message me here if need be but I wont appoint people whose judgement I don't trust so don't expect too much regardless of available proof.

Maps in normal cycle:
All defaults except the OVR_ ones since they have thermal goggles hidden in them somewhere.

Maps on server available for vote but not in normal cycle:
hdn_ravenholm <-- took this one out for now as it was being played 99% of the time.

Server plugins:
MetaMod Source
Last Connected: Tracks players who run away before being banned for being a twat.
Mani Admin Plugin: General administration minus the more annoying stuff like burning and whatnot.
Stripper: In-line entity tweaks
Jimmy is fully interactive on all maps
HDN_Executive: cafeteria tables and stools are interactive. I'm working on the adverts elsewhere in the map.
HDN_Stalkyard & HDN_Dispatch: IRIS can no longer access the vents unless the hidden has opened them.
HDN_Mobscene: crates are now interactive. working on the canisters and stuff.
Eventscripts: Some personal tweaks.
hdn_mirror: Reflects some team damage back on the attacker. Multiplies reflection at spawn time. [Done]
hdn_dmg: plays an 'arg!' sound sometimes when the hidden is hit. [Done]
hdn_nerph: boosts all player's health on round spawn to remove the likelihood of a 1 hit kills from the hidden. when a player's health drops the boost is lost as to act seemlessly [WIP]
hdn_cdfa: automatically sets cl_downloadfilter to all when a player joins the game. Updated to store alteration automatically. [Done]
hdn_ct1: carries unused weight points over to the next round. prints chances of being hidden out in chat when the round ends. [Mostly Done]
hdn_pvp: enables Physics vs. Pistols mode. [WIP: implementing vote]
autorec: players can say demo to start recording a 'date'_'time'_'mapname' stamped demo on their client. it wont appear in chat. [Done]
hdn_ammo: automatically requests ammo when any one of your weapons has no spare magazines remaining and there is at least 1 other supply class player available other than yourself.[WIP: Initial implementation. awaiting constructive feedback.]

21st September 2007, 11:35 Hiddenbase.de - #1 by g-portal.de

[B] Hiddenbase.de - #2 by xg1.net

[B]Website: www.hiddenbase.de (http://www.hiddenbase.de)
E-Mail: cube@hiddenbase.de
ICQ: 289951421

20th October 2007, 03:33
Hidden[Canada] ff/random/no ps,sg
Website: http://hiddencanada.co.nr/
Host Contact: greglewis67@gmail.com

**Note: This server disables the shotgun and pigstick.

20th July 2008, 10:13
Point Of Perfection Finnish H|DDEN Source Server!:cool:

contact Arce(at)nac-css.fi or www.nac-css.fi/forum or you can just PM me :)

try also our CS:S Server @

p.s. Servers are Steambans Protected.;)

1st June 2009, 05:06
http://module.game-monitor.com/ (http://www.game-monitor.com/hidden2_GameServer/

Hidden Cow: Moo617

Friendly Fire off/No Pigstick/Weighted by Damage

Brought to you by Wenchy & Sniper & the Letter Q

Contact info: siervua@gmail.com

Server Specifications:

Custom & Default maps including several extended default maps
Limited Pipebombs
Maximum of three rounds as hidden per turn.
PvP mode - Physics vs Pistols & 303


Have fun but use common sense.
Don't TK & Don't Camp =)

Remember. Happy Cows come from Infinitum Research Labs.:p

1st June 2009, 05:56
Remember. Happy Cows come from Infinitum Research Labs.

There are in fact several escaped invisible cows.

They dont get noticed because they dont bother anyone.

1st June 2009, 06:53
They dont get noticed because they dont bother anyone.

Then the project is a success :)

1st June 2009, 21:05
I was always afraid of adding the Super Server to this thread for fear of thread necro... The door's open now though! :D

Darkhand's Super Server

Regular and custom maps
Limited Pigstick (zero to two per round depending on population)
Limited pipebombs (zero to three per round depending on server population)
Modified prop weights (try throwing everything!)
Weighted percentage selection (more damage = more % chance to get selected, but even a little damage gives you a little chance!)
Contests and special holiday events!

:cool:Click here to connect and play now! (steam://connect/

14th August 2009, 00:56
skggaming.com that is the communitys website

And this is our Server

Sacmo's Kill Lab :

Stationed in the US

We are a wonderfull community, come join us :) .

14th August 2009, 01:50
skggaming.com that is the communitys website

And this is our Server

Sacmo's Kill Lab :

Stationed in the US

We are a wonderfull community, come join us :) .


14th August 2009, 08:00
Originally Posted by Wrackem
skggaming.com that is the communitys website

Sacmo's Kill Lab :

Wasn't most of the people on the forum's banned from the website and server? :rolleyes:

14th August 2009, 08:46
Wasn't most of the people on the forum's banned from the website and server? :rolleyes:

Good times... :D

14th August 2009, 09:48
sarcasm much?

14th August 2009, 12:27
I bet it was sniper!

14th August 2009, 12:39
No it wasn't sniper! YOU LIEZ!

List of known casualties:


The only known survivor of that massacre...Mr Tripwire...scarred ever since...

14th August 2009, 13:52
I liez not, I've seen Sniper playing under Sacmo's nickname. He's a spy!

14th August 2009, 19:31
I liez not, I've seen Sniper playing under Sacmo's nickname. He's a spy!

Lol, that was to just mess with you. I was the second person banned from there by the almighty Sacmo himself. :rolleyes:

Even before the great battle of the brits. :p

15th August 2009, 00:24
Lol, that was to just mess with you. I was the second person banned from there by the almighty Sacmo himself. :rolleyes:

Even before the great battle of the brits. :p

I know, I remember that, I even read your post at their forums. :D

I played on one of their servers of some other mod these days, but I couldn't find any known names there. :(

18th July 2012, 16:36
Well since steam broke the server listings, and with this mod being somewhat dead. Here is my server thread.

Updates, more detail info, etc:

http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/ (http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

I monitor the server with another person at CGC. Seems like after the 3rd map, the server crashes, also found changing the map to Decay or Origin, it crashes the server, so these maps are taken out of rotation. We monitor the server, to make sure its still up, etc. I have yet to figure out a way/haven't really had the time to figure out how to auto relaunch it when it fails. Also plan to add a few plugins as time goes on.

We try to play at night, however it probably wont be every night. Only 2 rules to the server,
Dont be a dick
Dont cheat

Server hosted in New England, 100 meg fiber connection, xeon quad core w/ hyper threading, 8GB of DDR3 memory, running Windows 2k8 R2 64bit blah blah blah

Please check out our forum (http://www.classicgamingclub.com/phpbb/index.php), join the club, read what we are about. (http://www.classicgamingclub.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6)

We haven't had the forum up for a month, so its just about dead in there as its in here lol, but we have a bunch of other servers up, teamspeak3 server, mostly older games though (Quake 2, Half Life mods, Killing Floor). We plan to setup more, aiming especially at older games or crap we love that isn't too old (Hidden source, though I guess that can be debatable now :D )