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27th October 2006, 23:53
How to report a team killer
Guide on how to get team killers banned when they constantly team kill every round.

You'll need console enabled!
More evidence = more likely they'll be banned on all servers!
Do not report one-off team kills, this is for players who team killer more than once a round!

Before the next round starts, ask the team killer nicely to stop team killing or you will report them.
(No reason to ban every idiot who does one team kill accidentally or intentionally because there'd be nobody left.)
Before the round starts type in console record demoname call it something like the players name who is tking.
Open console, maximise it so it fills the screen then type status then jpeg in console whilst you are still recording.
If mani mod is installed on the server, hit F5 when the player tks so the screenshot shows the tk at the top right.
If they have a huge minus score, F5 that too.
Type stop to stop recording.

If you contact the owner of the server with the date, time and map of the incident they may give you the logs to the server to give more evidence.

Upload all screenshots to imageshack.us and post them here. And upload your .dem file to a free file hosting server.

Remember, more evidence = the better!

- Will update this in future.