View Full Version : Olleh.co.uk: Public Hidden

3rd October 2006, 18:43
Guy named Cpttoutoff, was playin very suspiciously, couldnt get a kill for his life but would own the hidden.



3rd October 2006, 18:53
The banners on filefront are fucking scary.

K 1 incident in particular causes me to accuse this guy. Around frame 30000, the hidden jumps off the railing onto the floor below, the guy takes the steps to the side. While he is on the steps, the hidden jumps back up to the top level and hides in the corner. When the guy gets down to where the hidden has been, he looks up directly at where the hidden is in the corner, thru the wall. He then goes back up the stairs, right before he rounds the corner, the hidden jumps up and clings on the wall above him, in this movement he becomes visible only by a leg, against the far skybox background for a split second.
The guy, on cue, backs up, and shotties him where he clung, chases him effectively, then midair shotties him.

Either low DX or similar visibility exploit. I dont think he has wallhacks because he only is able to track the hidden if it is in his feild of view, even if just for a split second.

And btw, next time crop your screenshot, the resize makes it hard to impossible to read.