View Full Version : Tker - "*UNDEAD* TEH ZIG" STEAM_0:0:825514 - FNFC #3

19th September 2006, 23:06
# 2 "*UNDEAD* Elak" STEAM_0:1:976942 1:04:37 104 0 active

# 24 "*UNDEAD* TEH ZIG" STEAM_0:0:825514 04:48 107 0 active

Demo: http://download.yousendit.com/C6C1A10561A2FDB9

When I got in the server zig was running around shooting the 303 at people, when fights about it broke out Elak helped him with the tking although i didnt catch it on a demo. We votekicked him about 20 times (literally) and he came back after each one. Ended up dealing with them for 2 full maps till they left.