View Full Version : I seriously think Ca$h hacks

16th September 2006, 02:22
First of all,no I have no proof because the thread I posted no1 actually told me how to get them demo thingy.. but any1 who plays with him please make a demo and send it to me. He is wayyyyyyy too good at hidden and iris. my guess is white hidden/bhs or walls something like that.

16th September 2006, 08:15

16th September 2006, 08:36
Esc > Disconnect > find other server. :o

The M.A.N6
16th September 2006, 08:39
Why the hell they all think that, if you win, you're a hacker. Damn, you just don't player good enough to kill him, that's all. Accept it, there will always be people better than you.

16th September 2006, 08:51
The few people that know who Ca$h really is would know why he is good, same thing as if I went by some assumed name. And no he does not hack. Don't come to the admin forums saying "I think this guy is a haxxor cause I can't kill him"

16th September 2006, 14:09