View Full Version : UKDA server in need of help

13th September 2006, 13:48
I like a few maps of this mod now & again but im am sick to the back teeth of TKers/teamwounders I hop onto the server under various names and its always a few ppl just plain don't get the idea of playing games is for fun so they proceed to ruin it for other and quickly get banned.

I ask that if anyone uses our server(|UKDA| Creeping Terror ) and comes across a TKer don't just turn around @ the start of the next round and blast them back that gets us nowhere as in my eyes you are as bad as the TKer, what you can do is look for me either by posting the info on the UKDA site www.ukdaclan.org or talking to me directly on MSN alex.stunt at gmail.com

Also ive noticed lots of threads on this board about Tkers and folk being banned but TBH its a real pain in the ass to go through every single one for ID's is there no way to consolidate all these into one as it would make a server admins life a tad easier