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9th September 2006, 14:38
Well let's see here. Yesterday there were these two guys Pimmelkopp and k4m1.dE doing a lot of nasty stuff. What made me record the demos was the blatant wallhacking - and later on, teamwounding, teamkilling, seemingly cooperating when one of them was the hidden and a bit of anti-semitism (http://img60.imageshack.us/img60/7341/hdnexecutive0005lc0.jpg).

I've uploaded a few demos here (http://rapidshare.de/files/32504402/hidden.rar.html) as proof.

(Use mat_wireframe 2 when I'm spectating either of them, and use shift-f2 -> Drive to float around the map to verify who's actually shooting at me)

Demo24 - After a few rounds of watching pimmel going straight for the hidden, I became the hidden eventually and sat on the roof...This is what happened.
Demo25 - Pimmel lashing out at me after I called him a hacker :(
Demo26 - Fast forward around tick 8000 and use wireframe there. Kami was the hidden, I was speccing pimmel.
Demo27 - Pimmel's excellent prediction skillz.
Demo28 - Here I set some bait...kami took it instantly.
Demo29 - Yet again pimmel decides to take out his anger upon me...
Demo30 - A bigger demo consisting of pimmer and kami blatanly hacking, teamattacking, the works... (Kami also got kickbanned here...I don't know who or what did, but pimmel was still there.)
Demo32 - Use wireframe here. I really don't need to comment on this one...

Also, SteamIDs (http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2091/hdnexecutive0004tm2.jpg).

9th September 2006, 16:25
oh yes, i know kami. hes only playing on non secured servers, such as nofrag and bavarian fightclub...

9th September 2006, 19:41
Ill put this on the FNFC board once i watch these hopefully entertaining demos.