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Kasim Slovak
6th September 2006, 17:45
Is it possible to dump the console output to a logfile? If yes, how:confused:

6th September 2006, 18:38
turn logging on in the valve.rc and then find the logfile - itl be exactly as you see in the console. And why did you post this here?

6th September 2006, 18:43
In console, you can also type "condump" and the entire console up to that point will be put into a .txt somewhere in the hidden directory ( I forgot the actual location, sadly).

Kasim Slovak
6th September 2006, 20:35
turn logging on in the valve.rc and then find the logfile - itl be exactly as you see in the console. And why did you post this here?
thx chilly, but u didnt mention the necessary cvars; i posted here cause hiddenstats-guys probably know how - and i was right ;)

"log on" ?
this is the total output and not what i'm looking for - i think this works when i host a game but not as a client - am i right?
L 09/06/2006 - 21:11:41: Log file started (file "logs\L0906000.log") (game "c:\programme\valve\steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\hidd en") (version "2707")
L 09/06/2006 - 21:33:24: Log file closed

"condump" is good but must be entered manually - furthermore there is a lot of redundant data when u type "condump" twice or more often

I want the complete console output automatically dumped into a logfile for each map. btw: steam_ids are not part of the console output unless u dont enter status.
how can they be logged too?


6th September 2006, 20:51
log 1

in valve.rc

Kasim Slovak
7th September 2006, 16:37
I'm using "log 1", but the logfiles entire content is just this:

L 09/07/2006 - 18:03:58: Log file started (file "logs\L0907006.log") (game "c:\programme\valve\steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\hidd en") (version "2707")any ideas?

7th September 2006, 17:44
Oh... I think it might be time to move this thread to the server admin section ;)

I dont have any servers running and I can't remember all the details so I can't check/test for you, sorry.


7th September 2006, 21:21
That's probably all you are going to get if you aren't running a server. You can do a condump in game and get everything up to that point dumped into a file, but the kills and woundings and stuff are all server side.

Kasim Slovak
8th September 2006, 07:39
thx, i almost thought so.

is there a command to clear the console output after condump was entered?

8th September 2006, 14:54
there's also

"con_trace" = "0"
- Print console text to low level printout.
which i assumed ment a text file like the hl1 engine's condebug 1 (i htink) but last time i tried it i couldn't find where this 'low level' destination is...

9th September 2006, 05:49
I'm not that well versed on all the different console commands, but I'm sure a quick internet search will help you out.

Kasim Slovak
9th September 2006, 09:16
Hi, I found out, that logging console output works, when u start the game with the following parameter:
-condebug - Logs all console output into the console.log text file.

I did a quick test and it works well.

thx to all who tried to help

9th September 2006, 10:37
cool... but it's un-togglable and for whatever reason it writes each line twice so watch out for console spam as that will cause excess hard drive usage and thus lag your game.

Kasim Slovak
11th September 2006, 18:05
i wrote a little program, to remove the double lines

might be buggy, so better make some backups of ur logfiles

its a simple commandline-prog