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Clitcrab cala
31st August 2006, 15:11
When i press the create server on the menu,
no one can join it

My brother tried to join it but he can't

31st August 2006, 15:40
Set sv_lan to 0 in your console.

Clitcrab cala
31st August 2006, 19:00
that did it
thx :)

Clitcrab cala
8th September 2006, 21:36
that did it
thx :)
sometimes there are lagg spikes doh

anyway to fix this ?

8th September 2006, 21:52
lag spikes for YOU or for people connected?

you: faster CPU, more ram and a better video card.
them: limit the number of players, stop stuff (and other users) from doing things online at the same time as you, get a plan for your ISP with faster upstream speeds. other than that, not a whole lot you can do about it.

Clitcrab cala
9th September 2006, 19:56
i have always ping of 5..
people call me a rate hacker lol.
I tell them the server runs on my computer but they don't believe it.

I did notice that if i run custom maps that they lagg less than a map like cs_assault :)

Oh and is there a way to ban people ?

I have found the kick for people

But i can't ban people.

what command do i need ?

and how do i put the name and time etc etc

9th September 2006, 21:18
When you create a server from the game itself it's called a listen server. Listen servers have very limited functionality. They do not offer a ban function, they are slower performance-wise etc.

When you create a dedicated server you get all the functions you know from online play. It is possible to still play with the same machine the server runs on but this is only advised if your computer is really good. I can host a 6 player game with barely any lag on a dedicated server and run the game at the same time. With 8 players it's already pretty laggy, even with lag spikes. Generally dedicated servers are run on performance optimized computers with an Unix OS. Also their internet connection is different from the one you have at home, making very low pings possible.

9th September 2006, 21:24
umm... there is NOTHING that that a listen server can't do that a dedicated can... well barring 3rd party server mod fuckups...

kick <NAME>

10th September 2006, 07:56
They do not offer a ban function

Then how come i always ban idiots from my server when it's up :D?

ADDIP <TIME-In-Minutesforban> <IP ADDRESS>

Works fine.

But you're right, the performance is pretty mediocre compared to a dedicated server, but it still works just fine in Hidden, since you don't have many players anyway.