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Clitcrab cala
31st August 2006, 15:03
I have downloaded the dedicated server.

But there's no .exe or something

just a bunch of files

what am i supposed to do with them ?


edit: i have placed them in the file of ' e-mail '
where the css , and sourcesdk is located

is this correct ?

31st August 2006, 15:40
You mean you downloaded srcds with the hldsupdatetool? Yes, you have an .exe, the srcds.exe. SRCDS runs independant of Steam, so the location is irrelevant.

You downloaded the Steam SRCDS? Then start the server from the steam menu, under Tools.

Also refer to the support pages on steampowered.net, they have a number of articles on dedicated servers for Source games and mods.

31st August 2006, 16:43
he means he's downloaded the dedicated server files for HS, without having a dedicated server already installed.