View Full Version : STEAM_0:0:000000 - name - TK/Hack/etc

28th August 2006, 19:50
In the [o-t] forums we have two clan forums for handling people with issues, one for bans and one for warnings. When we post in them (or if our banning system auto-posts about them) it does it by using the STEAM-ID of the player and then the name of the player in the subject line. I think a modified version of this method here might be useful. (SteamId - name - issue with player)

One, it'll be easier to compare ban lists so that we know who you've taken from this forum and which posts you need to read.

Two it'll be easier to know if someone has already posted about someone who's been a problem on your server.

Three, it'll be easier for players who have questions about why they are banned to find the post that refers to them. (Not that we care... but it'd keep the forums cleaner).

Thoughts on this?


28th August 2006, 21:36
I agree I ask posters on the FNFC forums to follow a similar method. It's just good for keeping track of stuff.