View Full Version : EoO | No Pigstick PS:off a Aug. 24th, abusive TKer

23rd August 2006, 22:27
Well, first time that's happened.

Today I was playing on the EoO server, this was about 11pm GMT. A guy started whining constantly about the weighted selection. I told I was on the dev team and told him to stop whining about the weighting. His response was abuse. I told him I'd get him banned if he continued to be abusive. He then walked up to me and TKed at point blank with a shotgun.

Name was "Demolition Man", steamID STEAM_0:0:5970466

It'd be nice to get him removed from the Stats too.

Also, if anyone has contact info for the EOO clan, I'll talk to an admin and get him banned from their servers too.


23rd August 2006, 22:50
That is called "an error in judgement." What a dufus.


Mensch aus Kot
25th August 2006, 22:35
i'm one of the admins of the EoO servers.. sry for the lack of support the last weeks/months... we're all busy with our rl's.
anyways i'll update our banlist tomorrow =]

p.s.: khu, i'll send u a pm with my email addy - if somethin very bad happens, plz contact me & i'll react. seems that i'm too busy to react soon enough.

greetz EoO|Mensch aus Kot

25th August 2006, 23:07
Thanks for the reply, Herr Mensch, and I look forward to playing on your servers in the future :)

25th August 2006, 23:48
Hey, I was playing on EoO PS off today a couple of times and there was a guy who first had the name "8oab" (on train) and later "O" and "." (on sewers) . He was teamattacking a lot for no apparant reason and he killed me a couple of times when the Hidden wasn't even around (he also killed other guys).

Here are 2 demos from traindepot showing his behaviour
The demo pauses itself once or so, use demoui command or resumedemo please

Screenshot with his SteamID

His SteamID is STEAM_0:1:4486579

You can also see in the logs