View Full Version : a dash of tking with a pinch of bhsing

22nd August 2006, 19:49
this was a right free-for-all today in nofrag...

http://img190.imageshack.us/img190/9495/hdntraindepot0001bh2.th.jpg (http://img190.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hdntraindepot0001bh2.jpg)

and watch out for NeT (http://www.hidden-stats.co.uk/profile.php?s=STEAM_0:0:5307925). some right suspicious kills. 'cept that first one... it was just stupid. i tried to get a first person (i think mikplayer did as well) but everytime i go helmet-cam i get this bloody inside-out view and can't see a damn thing.

demo (http://files.filefront.com/autorec_20060822_195643zip/;5443568;;/fileinfo.html)