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17th August 2006, 07:49
I've been interested in renting a HS server for sometime. I looked around and learned that most server hosting companies don't support HS and that my only option are colocation or a dedicated server. Both those options are too expensive for one person alone. Which brings me to my point; Is there is anyone else in a similar position that would be interested in going in on a dedicated server? I'm not sure how many servers you can run on a dedicated machine. But one person could rent out a machine and then sublet space for servers to everyone else. If you're interested or have any useful input please let me know. Thanks.

17th August 2006, 11:58
If you are English: primefarm.co.uk (thats me)

17th August 2006, 12:30
I can personally recommend primefarm for Hidden. Top notch service from a guy who plays hidden. Couldnt fault it when I had a server with Primefarm.

18th August 2006, 08:24
I've heard good stuff about primefarm but I'm in the states which makes them not a viable solution.

I pinged your test servers and got 92-94ms which isn't very good, but perhaps I could learn to live with it

18th August 2006, 10:51
lol . chilly maybe u need a box in the US buddy then :P

18th August 2006, 15:07
I posted you a pm cian

18th August 2006, 17:54
lol . chilly maybe u need a box in the US buddy then :P

nah :P

Matt {Undead}
20th August 2006, 00:30
only thing i can think of is to build your own hidden server like myself, tweak it and use firedeamon to run srds.exe and wala you have a small decent gaming server.