View Full Version : Dedicated Server Problems

16th August 2006, 13:55
Hi all I have a dedicated server up and for some reason it always seems to crash not sure whats cuasing it. It is updated with the hotfix and everything but for some reason once the server fills up every now and again everyone in the server will crash sometimes when that happends the server also goes down.

I can not figure out what it is we are talking maybe 1 or 2 maps before everyone gets thrown out of the server. Tryed to change boxs has helped a little so did the hotfix but still it happends almost every map sometimes 2 maps.

Anyone who knows what could be causing this would be a great help I played in some servers and never ever had this problem but in my server its really common.

17th August 2006, 01:29
Is your server by any chace the "dont touch my mustard" server?

17th August 2006, 05:12
Nope so its not just my server then ?

Mine is "-V- The Vindicators" server still no clue why collecting logs to post here of client and of server when I crash to see if anyone can work out what it is to fix it from happening.