View Full Version : Stats don't update with long name?

15th August 2006, 15:11
I had my name as 'i don't wanna be a murderer' for quite a while and got at least 30 kills, however my stats afterwards showed that i had about 5 - which would be after i changed my name to 'jef' :confused:

Playing on smokey's btw

15th August 2006, 21:20
As long as the nick is less than 50 chars long you should be ok. Obviously it looks like something is wrong there though. I'll do some tests. Which smokey server was it and what time, roughly? I'll take a look at the raw logs and try and figure out what was going on.


15th August 2006, 21:25
Ah, just noticed you have an ' in it. There is a filter in place to pick up that kind of thing, I'll change it to just escape it instead of nuking it.

17th August 2006, 12:04
Ah ha, thank you mr chilly