View Full Version : Lol, the noob needs help

14th August 2006, 00:57
Ok I have windows and i just wanna know how to install the dedictaed server.
(already downloaded it but dont know what to do now)

14th August 2006, 01:00
*dedicated lol

14th August 2006, 09:32
-extract hldsupdatetool.exe somewhere
-start > run > cmd > cd PATH\TO\hldsupdatetool.exe > -hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game "hl2mp" -dir "PATH\TO\SRCSERVER"
-extract the hidden server files (AND THE HOTFIX) to PATH\TO\srcserver\hidden
-launch command line: PATH\TO\srcds.exe -game hidden -maxplayers # +map hdn_stalkyard

if it's based out of your house i'd set # to say 5