View Full Version : Stats downtime

13th August 2006, 11:40
Hi guys, the database server was restarted yesterday and the stats aggregator program was not started afterward. As a result we have not recieved and processed any log lines for the past day or so. Any kills you may have made during this period are lost and will not show up.

Very sorry for the hickup, but as I said all is well now and only a day's worth of logs have been lost.

Chilly and the HS team

13th August 2006, 14:03
Son of a..

The M.A.N6
13th August 2006, 14:20
Oh god, no. For once i make Physic kills. :/

16th August 2006, 10:43
Ah, all is well then... I thought there was something seriously wrong - none of my kills from t'other day were updated. All is well... All is well... *felford repeats the mantra, whilst curling into the foetal position*