View Full Version : [GU]}v{onsterHesh using round restart exsploit -demo inside-

12th August 2006, 07:19
If you watch the demo a player by the name and steam ID

[GU]}v{onsterHesh" STEAM_0:0:116928

Is using a exploit to restart the rounds in any sever. It was seen by someone else that he was doing it in other servers as well. I talked to the admin of the sever I was in to make sure he was not a admin(x-fire ftw). I don't know how he did it but it happened earlier also when I got hidden twice in a row and he had the rounds restart 4 times so it would take that away. I hope that ALL the admins of severs put this asshat on the ban list.

Demo is in the link below (it happens at the end sorry for a few min of me playing)


12th August 2006, 08:06
I witness this with doa. very not kewl suff

12th August 2006, 09:40
think of it not as ruining your game but as a friendly reminder to the server's admin to update the bloody thing: http://www.hidden-source.com/

that said the dev team should really have made the updated servers show up as hidden source b4.1 games instead to make the change more apparent.