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11th August 2006, 22:49
well, i played on

"Fraggl time", when i encountered Biohazard[Ger] using a map exploit on abandoned...
I did a demo (I don't like exploit users, he said "it's the fault of the mapper, he has to fix, so long i will use it) and kicked me for doing a demo intenting posting it here... unfortunately he was admin of that server aswell...
As he can't be banned from his own server, I would propose to remove the server from Hidden Stats, because that really isn't a respectable behaviour for admins...

the demo:

11th August 2006, 22:56
so, u really posted this shit...
first, i didnt said that im going to do it again and again. i just think that its this or anotherway hard to see the hidden cause of the very similar textures in the background. and i just cant understand why i now should get banned from all only cause i saw other ppl doing this and done this now one time too. and u just didnt knew that. and as we all now, in abandoned are some other faults for example nodraw textures which we can see and just no background sound. u should know noone makes u staying and i really didmnt want to get and advantage, its just funny to stay so high, nearly falling :D why didnt u throw a nade and BAM ... but no... and what about ppl abusing the dx7 exploit? do u make demos of them too? then u have much freetime and nothing important to do in ur life... :rolleyes:

and to the kick. u were just quite annoying with ur problems of "exploit" abusers.. this isnt an exploit, this a "too high skybox fault" or "i forget to use playerclips"

11th August 2006, 23:11
it is as it is, you don't have to use it just because it is in the map... especially not when you are an admin of a ranked server...

11th August 2006, 23:28
pff im sure u think i just wanted to get an advantage to get hidden fast or something. what would u do if all iris stand there and u as hidden dont know what nades are? and what would be then the mapper wanted it to be so?that he knows it and can go up there? in the server name is "custommaps" so all ppl know, this is a ranked server with custommaps, which are normally a bit buggy here and there and yay theres abandonned kewl i know that "exploit" there, letz join. if u hate it then some freaking ppl know maps better as u cause they are proplayers or just addicted from this game, u want to ban them? if custommaps arent good for ranked servers, it shouldnt be allowed to use them. or maybe u just read the server name before u join??

if i now would have slayed ya, slapped blinded or unbinded ur config, that would be abusement of adminrights and surely a reason for a server to get banned!
its right i make use of these things, to revenge at regardless teamkillers/wounders or maybe when ppl are aimbotting, the restartbug abusing or speedhacking. but now, in the end u killed me more then i killed u as all can see in the demo. maybe u just talked much shit as possible to get me confused. or why didnt u just say: hey bio, thats not fair then u stand there. its to hard for hidden i think. can u pls get down again? this wouldnt be a problem, but no u directly wanted to make me problems cause, cause i really dont now it. and if its not ok that ppl make these thingys in abandoned, i can delete it from the list. but, actually, u got kills, and i deaths. u were not able to be a bit polite and u didnt thought about using nades. and now dont say it is as it is. "u stand on a one unit small brush there, impossible to kill u fast. now i do everything to make ur life harder."

other ppl dont have problems with this and a friend of mine and i always make a joke about this then the hidden throw a nade there and iris fall a looong way into death ;)

11th August 2006, 23:41
I didnt read it all as it hurt my eyes, but isnt the DX7 exploit non existant any more. Thought he is completley invisible for 8 and below. I may be wrong but :/. Any exploit is bad, like double nading.

Also wrong forum. Server Admins I think would have been best.

12th August 2006, 00:25
Virus, yes, Server Forum WOULD be best, but it's a server admin who is doing this, so he won't ban himself of his own server ^^

12th August 2006, 00:31
its right i make use of these things, to revenge at regardless teamkillers/wounders or maybe when ppl are aimbotting, the restartbug abusing or speedhacking. but now, in the end u killed me more then i killed u as all can see in the demo. maybe u just talked much shit as possible to get me confused.

1. it's just plain bullshit to revenge tk/cheating/bug abusing with cheating yourself

2. as far as i can remember i killed you 1 time, and then I got banned

3. I was insulted by you, all I said is, that I don't like tk/cheating/bug abusing or whatever in any way, and that I will post it, especially if it happened on a ranked server AND is done by an admin (which I recognized you are after the kick)

*edit* sorry for the double post

12th August 2006, 00:51
not going to remove a server for that, sorry. Maybe if we had evidence of direct abuse causing crazy stats.

12th August 2006, 06:45
öhm dx7 explit is still there, my friend always do it, im angry about it :P cause he wouldnt be too bad without it... and when i use mani when other ppl cant stop tking cheating or what ever, i dont cheat for myself, cause mani is not illegal like an aimbot omg all can download this plugin... and i think if u wasnt so unplolite to me, cause i didnt do something wrong, man, and u did not want to just try saying its not fair to stand up there, we wouldnt have some of these kiddie problems now. and all the other things i already said more then one time. read my posts, understand them and stop trying to make me problems cause u dont understand this is only a game, it should make fun to all ppl on a server. and the ranking system is just an interesting thing, to show stats for all ppl. if u would get money for being on the first place after some months, u would *maybe* be right. and u killed me 2 times, then i banned u. first i stand up there, reading ur problems with me, and then i was in the house with an ugly paintgun getting angry about ya, so 2 deaths for me and 2 kills for u.

for all it maybe would be better to close this thread or something. one other time i say it now: i didnt cheat. i didnt admin abuse. i just want to keep my server clean from cheaters/TKers/TAers and something, and with this ****ing "exploit" (as u call it) i really didnt want to harm someone or get a real* advantage (which is not possible, only noob hidden cant throw nades)

admins, please close this thread :rolleyes: im tired of writing so much in english and making some grammar faults :D (not my native language) ;)

12th August 2006, 10:35
omg hicks,
if are a noob,
you not say to other 1337 gam0rs: cheater!
Biohazard is 1000 better than you,and if you can't play, play another mod!
fucking b00n !!!!

12th August 2006, 10:42
I've had enough of this thread.