View Full Version : Exploit hotfix

8th August 2006, 13:40
I've got a new set of server dll / so files, but I'd like a couple of you regular server admin bods to test them out before I put the link on the front page and make the information 'general knowledge'.

If you could grab the files from here (http://www.hidden-source.com/downloads/hdn-serverupdate-4.1.zip) and just test them out (make sure the linux so runs and the like.) If I don't get any negative reports (I shouldn't - the fix took a minimal amount of alteration)

8th August 2006, 14:26
just uploaded it on my server and until now i dont have problems and the cmd bug that causes a round restart isnt avaible anymore :D very nice, now ppl can prevent the trouble with abusers like "4chan"

8th August 2006, 14:54
Ill give it another 30 mins or so for feedback before I put up an official news post for it, just in case it does mess something up. Thanks for the feedback though.

Dead Inside
8th August 2006, 15:18
Sorry, i won't be able to give this a go till later, i'm in the middle of backing stuff up for a reshuffle and reinstall of all the servers.

If anything crops up i'll let you know though.