View Full Version : Linux Dedicated Server Specifications

8th August 2006, 09:47
Hi All.

As most of you would know over the last month I have been testing out linux based Dedicated Server for hidden.

At this point in time I am using a spare AMD 1800+, 256mb, home pc for testing on a 2mb ADSL line, I have limited the max players to 4 as anything above that lags like mad.

I am now looking at renting rack space for a U1 server of mine, the U1 server is a duel PIII 1.1 CPU's & 512Mb Ram.

I would like to run two hidden games on the one server, [PS : ON] & [PS : OFF].

Will my server be able to cope with the full amount of players on both games at the same time?

Thanks for your time.