View Full Version : Server Commands Attackers

8th August 2006, 06:24
well guys i am the owner of -*AToT*- Server and i just got it ranked was nice and fine people start coming and the round restarts and wont stop and than it crashs and i pay for the server and the panel wont start it up and the Server even has Serverdoc and it wont start it up i am talking to the host but what is up with this? was fine intill i added the log code

8th August 2006, 06:28
The hidden stats team fucked up again :P Dont worry I love you guys:D

8th August 2006, 08:11
stats logging won't be the cause of the issue...

There is an issue we're aware of that is causing some problems if exploited, we'll get it fixed shortly.

8th August 2006, 10:29
played now few hours today and on all servers expect mine and smokeys one player abused this exploit and let em crash again again and ****ing again. on smokeys the comand is blocked and on mine cvarx dont block properly , dunno why... his name 4chan and his IDSTEAM_0:1:682854. i am really sure that he is it, on all servers he joined, it crashed. mine too. i banned him now :mad: :mad: