View Full Version : Stats Reset Tomorow (Sunday 30th July)

29th July 2006, 09:44
Due to some errors etc, after the trial period of Hidden Stats testing the system and if it works. We will now reset the stats for the last time.

as taken from the closest sunday to the 1st of every month, every 3 months, the stats will be reset. For new people to get a chance in and for some much needed relief for out poor DB server.

Have Fun and Get Fragging from Monday

29th July 2006, 09:56
good :D my server will be up Sunday 30th or even sooner and yes for sure i am adding stats code

29th July 2006, 10:09
We will now reset the stats for the last time.


every 3 months, the stats will be reset.

Make your mind up man!

29th July 2006, 10:10
What about we reward the top player with something?


Like Ging saying "No!!!!" on your anwsering machine.

29th July 2006, 10:11
totally reset? so all the stats get lost?

thats pretty nice.

so we al have a new start xD

29th July 2006, 14:22
yes maybe now i will be at my server all the time i wont get so many deaths cuases it's other people tking me

29th July 2006, 14:25
What about we reward the top player with something?


Like Ging saying "No!!!!" on your anwsering machine.

maybe a tread where topfraggers of the month or something is posted :p

29th July 2006, 15:01
Yeah I think if the stats get trashed every three months it might be nice to keep a top 20 or something so that the 'hardwork' players put in isnt completely forgotten.

30th July 2006, 12:06
Ok before i reset the stats i will assign awards to the top 20 players

So that they allways have that on there stats record.

30th July 2006, 13:13
when is the time to reset it?

when can we begin to kill? :D

30th July 2006, 14:14

30th July 2006, 14:54
thats good.

30th July 2006, 15:35
all 3 month reset :( ....

that isn't good...

A Knife in the Dark
30th July 2006, 17:02
I agree with DOOM... but if i get some award like a special title thingy or something then i'm good... but i still sorta want my name like.. engraved in stone... :( lol haha

so whats the reward thingy about anyway? :confused:

30th July 2006, 17:46
is it 24.00 tonigt or is 12.00 tomorow at noon??

30th July 2006, 17:51
do you all know the hl1 mod natural selection? with aliens and marines.

there is a kind of award by server. u can get a little thing in front of your name. its like a medal.

that could be great 4 a global hidden statssystem.

maybe the hidden source team and the hidden stats steam can arrange a kind of this player award on all servers for example with the next update. also with the next update it should be written in the valve.rc with the next server update so all servers are ranked.

// i hope u understood what i wrote :D\\

30th July 2006, 19:33
What time you reseting them RaideR?

30th July 2006, 20:09
2f4u - that's the constellation program that the NS team run, the image by their name indicates they've donated.

30th July 2006, 20:47
or so =/ i never played it really but i noticed that. ok.

but is that possible 4 hidden?

A Knife in the Dark
31st July 2006, 03:20
there should be hidden CPL :P then there could be cash rewards XD

but anyway. maybe you could save the top 20 stats and freeze them in place for the front page at the bottom or something, call it like the...

Champions of the Age of Stone

?????? i dunno sounds cool i guess... age of stone refering to of course the beta version of stats XD so it sorta makes sense XD make all the fonts and the color of the letters like fancy and gold :p

31st July 2006, 04:14
Couldn't you just have the stats progressively decay so that kills earned 3 months ago were just dropped. Kind of like unlogging them. That way it's always the most recent 3 months of stats. This way you don't have kills just constanly climbing for 3 months then BOOM reset to 0.

31st July 2006, 09:09

:) There should not be no problem with weird stats, i have a backup system in place now, so worsed cause is we loose a day of stats if we require a DB correction