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28th July 2006, 10:22
for all you out there who would record demos but are too bloody lazy to do so because you have to go through the headache of dropping the console and typing record WHATEVER and then later dropping the console again and typing stop i've made an automatic demo name cycler using a batch file.

place the batchfile in your .../MOD/cfg folder and run it. it will create a file called demorec.rc which you can use with autoexec.cfg:

//Demo cycler
// Executes and externally updated file to record a demo with a unique name
// Automatically captures a server status at the beginning and end of the demo.
// Usage: bind KEY +t_demo
// it works best if you wait a second between pressing and releasing KEY
alias +t_demo +demo_start
alias -t_demo -demo_start

alias +demo_start "exec demorec.rc"
alias -demo_start "status; alias +t_demo +demo_stop; alias -t_demo -demo_stop"

alias +demo_stop "status"
alias -demo_stop "stop; alias +t_demo +demo_start; alias -t_demo -demo_start"

bind KEY +t_demo
where KEY is any key you like.. F9, Home, Enter, etc...

Paegus' Auto-record unique demoname thingy 1066

Run this in the background while playing any HL1 or 2 game and bind a key
or set an alias to "exec demorec.rc"


Basic: Double click democyc.bat
Fancy: Make a shortcut to democyc.bat in to Start > [All] Programs > Startup
Uber: Google for firedaemon and set it to run democyc.bat in the background
without a nasty little box wasting your precious taskbar real estate.


For best results:
Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Region Options > Customize
Time > Time format: HH:mm:ss
Date > Short date format: yyyy/MM/dd


By running this batch file you are are agreeing with the author's position
that, amung other things, while this is not a cheat as far as the author is
concerned he accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages of any kind
(including but not limited to VAC bannage, hard drive failure, motherboard
meltdown, Graphics adapter burnup, spontaneous human combustion and rabid
mouse blood raining from the sky) that may or may not occur to you, your
cat, dog, pet gerbil or 5th cousin 10th removed living in Swaziland while
this batch file just happens to be running in the background...


update 2006/09/06: added automatic status (steamid) request on demo start and finish.
update 2006/09/15: fixed insta start-stop bug. silly re-aliasing...