View Full Version : Possible hacker

27th July 2006, 18:48
Unfortunatley no proof, except my *ahem* expertise.
Name is Zaus(STEAM_0:0:3509170). 2 people I know have seen him play. he knows where the hidden is, and can shoot through rooms and kill them. He tracked us in the air and could move very fast without adrenaline(Laser dot could be seen). May be something and nothing but this guy was suspicioues.

Kasim Slovak
27th July 2006, 20:18
it may be a lot of work to record, cut, zip, upload, make forum posts and screenshots (I experienced that), but thats the only way to achieve sth.

this way its just calumny, what makes some ppl, who read this, call him cheater and whatever (I experienced that myself, after Subject 9 HE did so)

sry, thats the truth :cool:

27th July 2006, 20:48
Personally I haven't seen anything suspect from him, just seems to be pretty skilled. Cheap, but skilled.
He does a LOT of spray n pray into common hiding spots etc, could explain why he seems to see through walls sometimes.
Anyway I'll try to keep an eye on him next time I seem him around.

27th July 2006, 21:54
I did I say I didnt have evidence, I just want people to watch out.

It wasnt really spots known as hiding places hed just come round a corner and fire directley or whip round quickley.