View Full Version : Kasim Slovak IS NOT Subject 9 [HE]

Kasim Slovak
19th July 2006, 18:30
hi all,
I just registered here, because someone on a server (forgot his name) told me, that someone is abusing my nickname regarding cheating.
I used the search function here and found & read that thread. That's not me, I'm a different honest player with a lot of free time (at least now).
I'm not the Subject 9 [HE] guy, who's behaviour is a big shame in my eyes.
I even played against/with him, and that should be logged somewhere.

According to the bugs, mentioned in the aforementioned thread, I found out that in the first or second round of a new map, one single IRIS can't be seen in Aura view, even if u stand next to him. There is no green, orange, red nor crimson colour, just nothing. Not a critical bug but when you're in lack of time and can't find the last IRIS, you might lose the round for this reason. Maybe its already known.

I hope I could clarify things a bit.

btw: I'm german, especially bavaria -> franconia -> nuremberg and hope u can understand my poor english :)

19th July 2006, 18:39
It was me who gave you the heads up. IP will tell the mods all they need to know but the other guy couldn't put sentences together so I think we're safe :)

Welcome aboard anyway.

19th July 2006, 19:51
Welcome. It's probably because you took the name of an IRIS guy, and, well, that means other people will do the same thing you did.

Night Raider
19th July 2006, 20:43
btw: I'm german, especially bavaria -> franconia -> nuremberg and hope u can understand my poor english :)
Actually, you write better than most people who's first languague is English. :)

19th July 2006, 21:15
stfu igth riared ur stiupd

19th July 2006, 21:27
You don't have to worry. Noone bans because someone who just got banned sais he is also someone else, too. Btw, nice playing with you, allthough you are on my list of players to kill! Just because you use my favorite skin. :mad: You will learn it's not good to have a red barret on your head and a madman trying to grab it off your head with his knife.


19th July 2006, 22:21
Dont worrie buddy, im wise to this kind of thing and i knew he was abusing your nickname :)

Hence not listening to him :P

Your ID is safe and that other guy is toast :P

Kind Regards

Subject 9 and 1/2
22nd July 2006, 11:36
im not toast. im alive and kicking mate.