View Full Version : 24/7 on one map- how to setup?

18th July 2006, 14:26
What commands are required for unlimited playtime on one map?

I only host sometimes a Listen server but the settings that you setup on the server creation window doesn't affect the real settings.. : /

Dead Inside
18th July 2006, 14:36
If you want the same map to play over and over again then just remove all the other maps from the mapcycle.txt. Then when it loads the next map, the only one it can load is the one you've left in.

I think you should be ok to keep them in the maplist.txt but you can remove them from it too if you want. If you have map voting on then they might be able to vote for maps in the maplist.txt, not done a 24/7 server myself though.

18th July 2006, 16:22
from what a read ging saying, currently there is something that prohibits round times exceeding 99Minutes

It causes a server crash...

So im sure it will get fixed in B5 but until then a endless 60 min map cycle would be your best option

or 90 mins even

18th July 2006, 16:54
Yea you may not be able to have infinite round time but as long as you only have one map in your mapcycle.txt file then it will just reload that map when the round limit ends.

Of course it depends on what you mean. Do you want the map to never change or the round to never end? Round never ending is a bad bad idea. If you get a hidden that goes and hides and then goes AFK because he doesnt want to lose his hidden then there will be no way to kill him unless he is found.

To make the map never change there is a server variable in your sever.cfg (or whatever) like mp_timelimit just change that to 0, or to some rediculously high number.

18th July 2006, 17:09
i dont think he'd want infinite round-time.. though lol if he does on a pub server.

he's probably after cs-style Dust 24/7 where mp_timelimit is 0 but if i recall there's a 35 minute maximum per map.

18th July 2006, 17:13
there's a 35 minute maximum per map.

Correct, and that sucks, it needs to go away and die ;)

18th July 2006, 23:30
well given the fact that you can make a single round last 5999 seconds (99m59s) i have to agree that there should be no practical upper limits on any such cvars.

though i've a feeling they did it specifically to prevent incredibly long map durations like those found in CSS