View Full Version : Speed Hacker + BHS on DC

Pan the Goat God
18th July 2006, 05:43
"Letum_Infinitus" STEAM_0:1:11001817

Blatant speed hacker (is there any other kind?) and BHSer.


I apologize for the demo, he doesnt move for a good like 20 seconds..somebody mentioned his hacks the round before, and it looked like he was scared to move for a minute. Then all of a sudden BAM, he takes off..faster than any adrenaline shot (I used adren to try and keep up, couldnt even do it)

He kills the hidden, but it doesnt really show the bhs part of it..he was seeing me with no problem, but I think the speed hacky part should be enough.

18th July 2006, 08:02
for future reference, what *is* "bhs" ?

18th July 2006, 08:08
"Black Hidden Syndrome" It's where someone's drivers aren't updated, so the Hidden appears to be solid black.

20th July 2006, 07:43
Thanks, Pan. :)

Kasim Slovak
24th July 2006, 17:53
Another thing according nailing down a cheater:

How can I make a screenshot of console?

Do I need a third-party screenshot-program like Fraps or is there a way to use the ingame screen-capture-function while console is active?

BTW: the only way for me to see console is to press ESC

24th July 2006, 18:13
press your screenshot key, when you're in the menu o.O

Or just type "jpeg" into the console

Kasim Slovak
25th July 2006, 07:00
That's the point, when I press 0 on keypad, 0 is written to console instead of making a screenshot ;)
Thx, I'll try the jpeg command.

25th July 2006, 09:11
ah k. you also could bind it to an F-Key (F5 alsways works ;))

25th July 2006, 19:12
Hey pan after downlosding ur demo my CP told me i dint have a program to support it any suggestions