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17th July 2006, 11:45
Dear Community,

Hidden Stats in the near future (next month or so) will be releasing what we like to call Stats Extra.


I hear you ask, "well what is it??", well...

Stats Extra will be an XML Based service to get at your stats straight from our engine. It will allow you to display your player stats and server stats on your own website. We will be providing documentation, sample programs (PHP only for now) and support.

So we do all the hard work, and you get to put your own personal stats on your clan's webby or whatever, without having to link to our site to get at them.

In the case of Server Stats, stats about your server will be on your website, with player profile pages linking back to the Hidden Stats website.

There will be 3 packages avalible

MyStats Extra (For all your personal player stats)
MyServer Extra (For all your server stats)
MyClan Extra (For you server stats and 5 player stats)

But as allways there is a small catch with the Stats Extra system. Even though Hidden Stats if free and it always will be, if you wish to take advantage of putting stats on your own website then you will require a Stats Extra account. These accounts cost a little money.

MyStats Extra is £12 for 12 Months (£1 a month) - a custom xml feed containing all your stats
MyServer Extra is £12 for 12 Months (£1 a month) - a custom xml feed containing all the stats for your server
MyClan Extra is £50 (saving £22) for 12 months. (£4.17 a month)

Hidden Stats is quite expensive to run, therefore in return for us letting you put stats on your website without our adverts, we are asking for just a little bit towards our running costs.

Please let me know what you think of the service. Also if you would use the Hidden Stats Extra sytem.

Kind Regards,

Dead Inside
17th July 2006, 13:42
Seems an intersting idea, i'd like to see it in action though any chance of a demo of it being available, or lots of screeshots at least? Once you've got a build you are happy with of course :)

As its obviously expensive to run, would you guys consider accepting donations as well? I know alot of people offered for hidden in general, i think people would do so for this too, especially if they don't have a website to make use of this option but want to lend some support.

17th July 2006, 13:52
To be honest, we can probably just about scrape by with the running costs with the google ads we have. Although at some point we are going to need a new database server since the 700mhz jobbie we have atm just isnt up to multi-million row table searches. This is a way off though.

Obviously, if you want to give us money toward the running costs we would more than welcome it since the google ad funds are by no means guaranteed. We do have a paypal account for the hidden service (which we will be using for the stats extra services).

I'm sure Raider will post details,


17th July 2006, 14:05

Donations are allways welcome. I designed this scheme as more a donation insentive than to make real hard pounds or live off it. Basicaly go on you know you want to help us out :).

If for some reason you wish to back the project, then email me to support@hidden-stats.co.uk and i can email you paypal details when i get it sorted


Matt {Undead}
22nd July 2006, 18:24
Well, if you could produce some demo pages of these systems then we could see what its like and then decide if to pay or not.
£12 isnt much but people like me gotta decide since my server doesnt have alot of players on it.

22nd July 2006, 22:23
Im gone for a week and all this happens.

22nd July 2006, 23:04
Rob is working on demo code, should be up at some point soon.

2nd August 2006, 11:03
Spricht hier jemand auch Deutsch zufällig??

2nd August 2006, 15:21
If thats german for "are you going to provide a german language version of stats?", it's entirely up to some kind soul who wants to do a translation for us, and who is willing to work with us on a continual basis to update the translation. Said person must be FLUENT in both languages, and have good grammar and spelling in both.