View Full Version : Whats Weighted Mean?

Matt {Undead}
16th July 2006, 15:55
I know this might sound like dumb question but whats weighted mean?
I am a server admin, setup my hidden server a few months ago but havent had time to tweak my settings and learn about things.

Also, i noticed on some maps on my server there were 2 hidden's, can someone explain to me why this happends, is there some settings to turn this off or is it some feature within the map type.

16th July 2006, 16:37

Matt {Undead}
16th July 2006, 16:43
So bascially its a point system designed to calculate the damage taken on the hidden from players in order to decide whos the hidden next round.

Now i know that, how do I know if its turned on and if not, how do I turn this feature on.

Any info on the 2 hiddens playing during a map?

Dead Inside
16th July 2006, 16:45
Don't run overrun maps if you don't want more than one hidden

16th July 2006, 17:19
Yeah. ovr_derelict, ovr_docks, and ovr_executive are the maps that'll do that. Remove the ovr versions of those maps from the server rotation.

16th July 2006, 17:24
This setting in the server.cfg will set how hidden is choosen.
hdn_selectmethod "0"
0 = Weighted -> If you hit him you are put in pool to be selected. Note: Doing most damage doesn't guarantee selection as its kind of a rafle system - you just get more tickets based off the percentage at the end and 0 for not doing any
1 = Classic -> You kill you be hidden
2 = Completely random.