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13th July 2006, 22:30
i just added th stats system on my server and first, it worked great. next day i found out how to make the mani plugin (nearly) fully functionable. i edited the .vdf file, according to the hidden mod, and now i can upload sounds and use the slap command for example. but, when i say "rank" in chat mani always reacts and show the standart message "visit mystats.com" or something. For sure i disabled all stats tracking by mani in the mani_server.cfg butwhen i say stats mani always overrides the hidden-stats system. bevor that, as i said, this command worked and the stats on the hidden-stats.co.uk page were the same as the server showed me. is there any possibility to disable this say-command in mani?! in the cfgs i cant find any other commands to disable it, and it suxx when the hidden-stats.co.uk page still tracks my stats (yes it does) but i cant see them on the server directly... im using the last mani version for hl2dm, hope someone now what to do now :D

13th July 2006, 22:33
Mani never gets in the way of Hidden Stats, its not possible, we get a raw log feed from your server. Just enable/disable mani how ever you want, it wont affect our system or our ability to track you!

13th July 2006, 22:33
ummm, mani shouldnt work with our stats system(As far as I know).

13th July 2006, 22:37
may i just add that Mani is nothing to do with Hidden Stats or visia versa, Mani has a small stats engine with it. Its nothing to do with hidden stats

13th July 2006, 23:02
His problem is that, when he types "rank", it shows the Mani stats, rather than the Hidden stats. Mani overrules the command.

13th July 2006, 23:08
you cant view Hidden Stats on the server, you have to visit www.hidden-stats.co.uk :)

14th July 2006, 07:37
mh, really?^^ i thought that there is "rank" command for hidden-stats too, like "shadredstats" had one, it worked liked the hidden stats system, but for css and with a rank command (which got disabled cause the users said "rank" too much and their system slowed down or something) as i tried it the (mani) ranking counted kills which u done as iris and hidden, bevor mani only counted iris kills for me, i cant explain that (maybe its due to the cstrike und hl2dm version of mani?!) but i thought its the hidden ranking^^ sry for my stupid problem xD

14th July 2006, 07:42
our system does not hook into your game server in ANY was, for us manipulating the server is impossible.

14th July 2006, 08:21
yes, ok^^ but i think that a rank command is not negative, like "hooking" or "manipulating" ;) no, its the opposite of that, i think that it would be a good thing. and i actually dont really know, how the "logging" works, so i never would think that someone could manipulate it through that...

14th July 2006, 10:35
Not going to happen. None of us know anything about coding source plugins (which is what is required for this). If someone wants write one for us then we might consider it - but we would probably put in some kind of throttling on the server side. No more than n queries per minute per server (probably something like 10 a minute, or 5).

As I say, unless someone wants to write this for us, its not going to happen.

14th July 2006, 10:38
In order to put lets say "stats" on your server to lets say




would require a Plugin for the Hidden Server its self, that had the ability to request stats information.

This would be quite a large task, and not one the current team could undertake. There is far to much work there that should be spent else where on the system. Also the stats are only correct to the last 5 minutes therefor a function like this would be misleading to the people using it.

Just stick to checking out http://stats.hidden-source.com

We dont plan to impliment anything like this in the future.