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13th July 2006, 18:43
If you would like only one nick to be displayed on stats, please PM me your ID and the desired nick to display. No other nick will ever be shown, and other nicks will not be logged.

There is no restriction on the use of this facility.

I *will* be monitoring users of this, if you suddlenly have a huge increase in TKs I will 1) ban you from primefarm 2)put you on the permanent exclude list for stats and 3) reccomend to as many server admins as I know to ban you.


13th July 2006, 19:12
Change faolyttik muY muY to Yum Yum Kittyloaf, i used that screen name as a joke.

13th July 2006, 19:24
so with the 'excluded' nick we can goof around and it doesn't count towards the SteamID's rank?

or would it be ignored with any nick other than our main one?
wouldn't it be better to have the most freqently used nick displayed on the rank page and then when you goto the individual player page you can see the other nicks and individual stats per entry? that way even if they're have a goof-nick the stats wont effect their main entry but are still tracked so they can track how crap they were.

13th July 2006, 19:42
wait, i thought you were just going to fix the display names on the stats XD i jus want to change mine to what it should be, not what it first started tracking.

13th July 2006, 19:50
The exclude list removes all other nicknames you use. If you check out a players profile, now you can see your last 5 used nicknames if any.

The exclude list prohibits this function from being used.

Please note, Hidden Stats is not a small system nor is it to be abused. Countermesures are in place to prevent abuse, they are automatic and perminant!

Abuse of Hidden Stats will result in your steam_id being banned.


13th July 2006, 22:26
Kittyloaf - I'm not going to fuck about changing someones nick because you didnt like it. The way the system is geared is that is displays your LATEST nick usage - so if you log back in using whatever nick that will be the one that is displayed.

The exclusion list is primarily for admins, and it locks the display of one's nick to a certain, single, pre-defined value. So miasmic's nick is locked to that, and his various alter-egos he uses to sniff out h4x0rs on his servers do not show up.