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13th July 2006, 06:08
So i join this server named mXLabs - East (I.P: The map was ovr_docks and i was sitting in the green tiled room with an ammo box and my Assault Rifle. I blast several hiddens that seem to think they can just walk in and the round ends. I become the hidden next round and fly over to thier spawn and start slashing someone when my computer locks up. I thought it just crashed, but after a while it unfroze and i was back in the game.

The ensuing conversation: ("[tfs] mX" was the admin)

[tfs] mX: w00t, what version of dx are u running?
w00t: 8
[tfs] mX: ur lying

So then i go into my console to type mat_dxlevel, if you just type it in with no arguements it returns the dxlevel your running and i get

"mat_dxlevel" = "70" ( def. "0" )

Well....THAT explains the massive stutter i had midswing as the hidden...
I realized that he JUST CHANGED MY DXLEVEL with Mani Admin (ma_cexec w00t <command>)

I start to wonder why the fuck would you change someones DXlevel then proceed to ASK them about it, when he says "youve been using dx7 this whole time" and "i can force you to use dx8 and crash you if you want".

By now i realize this guy isnt very reasonable and Bam, another stutter, this time he ran another command on me and i crashed (i assume mat_dxlevel 90, which i cant run without crashing)

So after a quick reboot I rejoin and don't even bother reasoning with this guy, i just play. I eventually get hidden again and im walking and i just die, for no reason, like my charactor just had a fuckin' heart attack. Then i realize this ma_cexec happy fuck is running the kill command on me (where any decent admin would just ban me, this guy has to toy with me).

So i do

alias kill "say No kill for you"
So the kill command is essentially overwritten and instead id say "No kill for you". Sure enough, next round i see on the chat:

w00t: No kill for you
w00t: No kill for you
w00t: No kill for you
w00t: No kill for you

Having just outsmarted this tool he gets serious with commands like "fps_max 5", and "unbindall", each of them easily identified by me and countered with aliases to overwrite them (unbindall solved with a quick "exec config"). Good thing he didnt know any more then 2 commands. He got pissed and just kick/banned me saying im hacking his mani, ohh well.

If you expect respect for good things, avoid this server like the plague, 12 year olds and mani dont mix well.

13th July 2006, 06:15
we seem to be losing the good servers and gaining servers with poor admins :/

13th July 2006, 06:27
I agree, i can deal with the usual "lyke omfg cheet0r dx7faggotize" bullshit, i get it everywhere, i fucking hate hacks, as they bring a new excuse to the army of idiots out there who cant bone up to thier own lack of "zkillz". before cheating ran the CS world, id get "Wow, nice shot man", now its "FUK U HAKIN FAGGOT" from that exact same person.

Pan the Goat God
13th July 2006, 07:30
Brownie points for outsmarting a 10 year old admin like that, thats awesome man.

"no kill for you", classic.

13th July 2006, 07:36
Bleh, i'll avoid that server..

13th July 2006, 07:39
So the kill command is essentially overwritten and instead id say "No kill for you".

*standing ovation*

13th July 2006, 07:49
I didn't know an admin could do such things. Good reaction, I wouldn't have known this commands. "No kill for you" ! GREAT! But why is it that more guys know about dx7 cheating than about pouncing? When i started i learned to play the game, not how to cheat at it. Looking forward at B5 and no more dx6/7 support.

13th July 2006, 08:38
The knowledge comes from my own mani server i ran on gmod, people could erase your config.cfg (by unbinding all your keys and forcing a "quit", removing your custom binds) and the only defense against running commands was to alias them or write protect your config.cfg.

Although "ma_cexec <name> quit" was always a blast

ma_cexec <name> alias kill "kill";ma_cexec <name> kill would instantly crash that person, but i didnt tell you that =X
Manis very powerful

Either way, the worst part of any mod always seems to be the players *shrug*