View Full Version : Fix: Mani crashing on some commands.

4th July 2006, 06:52
I had B4 up and running with mani fine before, but then my server crashed and I had to reload and I haven't been able to get it to work right since then.

Tonight as I was playing around I noticed that when I load the game it say Hidden Source B2B. So I thought some and editted my gametype.txt file.

Now - mani works fine again!!!

Copy and paste this after the Hidden Source stuff and before Dystopia in gametype.txt and all should be fine.

"Hidden : Source B2B"
"linux_bin" "./hidden/bin/server_i486.so"
"spectator_allowed" "1"
"spectator_index" "1"
"spectator_group" "#SPEC"
"hl1_menu_compatible" "0"
"team_play" "0"
"max_messages" "22"

"linux_offset" "3"
"win_offset" "2"

// Offsets for spray hook control, do not change
"linux_offset" "29"
"win_offset" "28"

// Offsets for extra spawn points hook
"linux_offset" "2"
"win_offset" "2"

"enable_linux" "1"
"enable_win" "1"
"vfunc_Offset" "12"
"code_Offset" "107"

"health" "CBasePlayer.m_iHealth"
"render_mode" "CBaseEntity.m_nRenderMode"
"render_fx" "CBaseEntity.m_nRenderFX"
"colour" "CBaseEntity.m_clrRender"
"move_type" "CBasePlayer.m_MoveType"
"model_index" "CBaseEntity.m_nModelIndex"
"vec_origin" "CBaseEntity.m_vecOrigin"
"ang_rotation" "CBaseEntity.m_angRotation"

"eye_angles" "107"
"set_model_index" "9"
"teleport" "91"
"eye_position" "106"
"give_item" "349"
"my_combat_character" "61"
"get_velocity" "115"
"ignite" "171"
"weapon_drop" "201"
"user_cmds" "364"
"map_desc" "14"


"index" "0"
"translation_index" "910"
"short_translation_index" "911"
"group" "#M"
"admin_skin" "admin"
"reserved_skin" "reserved"
"public_skin" "public"


2nd August 2006, 16:13
Does this fix votes also, I have an updated gametype.txt file for my sever from Mr.Mani himself, but admin votes and map votes dont work.

2nd August 2006, 22:42
I'd try it - it fixed crashing on tk punishment. Sometimes the server will come up saying that it's B2a in the console and mani dropped B2a from the gametypes so the plugin doesn't know what to do at that point.

2nd August 2006, 23:11
When you start a server, it'll report as either B4 (for hdn maps) or B3 (for ovr maps) - the startup game code for some reason finds B2a.